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  2. Charity never faileth
  3. I will say the same to you as I wrote to GM. As long as the LORD allows, the study is available through a PM (if you or anyone decides to look at the comprehensive study that ruined my professional career, my marriage, and my credibility in some circles). But such a small price to know that God has a place for me in His work and all the worldly loss is nothing compared to knowing Jesus and His sustaining love.
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  5. School Killings

    this Indiana school has a great security system:
  6. Thank you for your encouragement Gregory. It has been a long and difficult study (20-years). All along the way, it seemed like I had come to the final meaning of the prophecies. But alas, there would be an unforeseen development leaving me looking foolish. In fact, when I was prepared to publish the latest study 7 December 2017; the Lord intervened and clearly showed me the conclusion of the matter. It makes me realize that we serve an awesome God. To Him be the glory and praise now and forever! When President Pence stands for his people, the time of trouble will morph into Jacobs trouble Then Christ will stand for His people. We are at the end of the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation. If you decide to objectively look at the complete study, it was published 2 February 20018 (a little humor that you will no doubt appreciate) It is available as e-book or 440 page (large print) paperback. it is sad that the 10 virgins are soon to part company, but we have to trust that God will fulfill His word, "Not by might not by power, but by My Spirit saith the LORD"
  7. The opposite is the problem. Men are being robbed of their manhood. Real men are protectors of their family, of the young and vulnerable. They are protectors of their home, and country. But men who display these qualities are called "chauvinists". They are accused of thinking they are "better" then women, when they display these qualities. The feminization of men is SAD condition of the present world. Their strengths are ridiculed -- so they turn those strengths into wrong channels. Our society is conducting A WAR AGAINST BOYS and think they will "rescue" them from being masculine. The result leaves them in confusion and hostility.
  8. It seems that soy has been a valued part of the Adventist diet as long as I can remember via the vegetarian products, but lately it has come under fire for what seems to be an effect on testosterone. https://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/how-much-soy-can-you-really-eat-before-it-affects-your-testosterone-w479484/ https://www.testofuel.com/tf/does-soy-lower-testosterone/ As a result of the soy latte drinking skinny jeans wearing liberal boys, "soy boy" is now thought to be a favorite slur against these effeminate young men. Given the language used, I couldn't find a good YouTube to illustrate this, but check out the definition from the Urban dictionary": Soy Boy Slang used to describe males who completely and utterly lack all necessary masculine qualities. This pathetic state is usually achieved by an over-indulgence of emasculating products and/or ideologies. The origin of the term derives from the negative effects soy consumption has been proven to have on the male physique and libido. The average soy boy is a feminist, nonathletic, has never been in a fight, will probably marry the first girl that has sex with him, and likely reduces all his arguments to labeling the opposition as "Nazis". I do like to be perfectly clear and do not completely subscribe to the idea that soy has resulted in this social condition, but I do suggest that men watch their diets for how much they may be eating of soy. All that said, I am not sure that soy is even to blame. Hormones have been used in the meat industry for a long time to help produce bulkier (and more profits) animals and the hormone levels there are also concerning. https://mountainview-hospital.com/hl/?/90869/The-Controversy-Over-Added-Hormones-in-Meat-and-Dairy https://nutritionfacts.org/2016/09/13/estrogen-animal-products/ http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/hormones-food-supply-affect-human-body-2194.html So, you have to wonder, it is the soy, the meat, or is there even a social factor at fault. Girls, who have no father in the home, are said to mature earlier. Add lack of fathers and all the hormones in the American diet you also have growing girls at risk. I do realize that this would be a very complicated topic to take on as there are so many confounding factors to any conclusions.
  9. School Killings

    Drugging of school children has been a problem for a long time. Many teachers just do not want to put up with the normal behavior of boys and would rather drug them to quiet them down and then they can go on ignoring them while they give the attention to the girls in the class. Look at the ratio of boys to girls who are on drug therapy in school. Usually, the drug is Ritalin. While some extreme cases can be helped by it, usually it is not the solution. In fact, it is part of a long term problem. I have had conversations with pharmacists who informed me that long term use of Ritalin can result in permanent paranoid schizophrenia. I saw the drugging coming when my son was in school and they wanted him evaluated for attention deficits. I flat said no drugs. One of the possible solutions would be more men in teaching, but it is also a very dangerous place for men to go these days with all the false allegations about anything happening. I do not think most are going to want to deal with a single parent mom with an axe to grind.
  10. Clint Fiore added a list. Yesterday at 10:41am · Arguing about guns is getting tiresome. The same impossible-to-implement gun control ideas are trotted out after every shooting with a fixation on the scary objects. Few of you on my friends list know I dedicated years of my life right after college to a program born out of Columbine that's the most effective at reducing school shooting tragedies and that I've traveled the country visit to middle schools and high schools in 30+ states speaking and doing work to make schools safer. I am an expert on this school safety topic and also somewhat of an expert on guns as they're a big part of my life from also working in the hunting/outdoor industry for years and being a CCW holder, and well-trained gun owner and dedicated sportsman and shooter. And I am friends with the top experts doing the best work in schools to make them safer, several of which were at the White House this week. If anyone wants to talk actual solutions to make our children safer and school shootings less frequent, here's my suggestions on things that will actually work: School Safety Ideas Nobody Wants to Talk About Fatherlessness needs to be addressed. Kids need dads- most shooters don't have an involved dad. Can we connect boys without fathers to father-figure mentors? This is also a theme in the inner-city, less-publicized, yet more-frequent gun crimes in minority communities. Adults need to be held accountable. The Parkland shooting last week is 'Exhibit A' on that. Dozens of adults at the school, local law enforcement agencies, and even the FBI knew about this kid and what he said he was going to do. Another adult, the SRO on duty, could have stopped it while it was happening but never went in. How many adults around this situation will be charged with crimes like negligence or manslaughter for their blatant failures? My guess is zero. How many will lose their jobs? My guess is zero. Nobody does anything because you risk nothing by doing nothing and get in trouble if you take a proactive approach and try to do address things before the blood is spilled. This is up and down our education and law enforcement systems. Boys need safe environments to fight and let out their physical aggression. Young men involved in physically violent sports like football, wrestling, karate, etc. typically do not become mass murderers. I feel like our present culture is trying to take the fight out of our boys, but it's still hard-wired into them. Where no healthy outlets for this natural aggression exist, unhealthy ones will take their place. We need to stop shaming our boys and applying negative labels to boys that have a strong urge to fight. We need to guide and encourage them to find a healthy outlet, not tell them they're broken or bad. The role of pharmaceutical drugs in mass shootings needs to be thoroughly investigated. It's too common of a theme to be ignored as a potential factor. Too many of our kids are getting drugged up instead of getting the care they really need. Right on the labels of these mood-altering drugs are side effects like "Hallucinations- loss of contact with reality." and "Suicidal thoughts." Yet we don't immediately ask about the prescriptions these kids are on, instead focusing on what kind of gun they used. Training kids to huddle together as stationary targets on the ground, HAS TO STOP. It's stupid and getting our kids killed in greater numbers during these events. If they can't get in a secured room separated from the shooter, they need to run or fight, period. Get out the window or tackle the shooter etc are all way better things to teach. There are great programs to better train our kids on how to react to this threat. Empower and encourage teachers and school administrators to have a plan, have the support of the district, and secure their classrooms the way they're comfortable with. Too many wonderful teachers with hearts of lions for protecting their kids are fearful bringing up their desires to their bosses whom will point to policy and liability concerns over common-sense solutions the teacher needs and wants. Teachers, if you don't get the support you need, do what you need to do anyways quietly. Damn the system. Keep our kids safe. There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer here, but all kinds of things could help like: ways to block/harden doors, weapons (gun or non-gun) to have a fighting chance if a shooter makes it through the door, and additional escape options like rope ladders for 2nd story windows teachers can deploy, etc. We can't have a cop everywhere and even if we do, there's no guarantee they won't be taking their sweet time outside like the Parkland SRO did while your class is in the crosshairs. Teachers are right there and the first line of defense and they need to think about it and take it seriously and not get in trouble if they do. Finally, and most importantly, we need to improve the culture of our nation and our schools. We need to value human life highly. We need love. We need kindness. We need compassion. We need to look for the kids that are becoming isolated and need help and go help them. We need more than just anger at what's wrong, we need to celebrate the good stories and champions of kindness. Kids that care for one another don't kill each other. We need to touch the hearts of kids and train them up in morality and virtue- not just pack their heads full of information. This is exactly what we focused on when I worked for Rachel's Challenge, one of the top anti-violence programs in the country, and we saw tons of lives saved by changing the culture of schools from the inside out. (would-be-shooters with kill lists turning themselves in, gang members laying down their colors, suicides planned for that night canceled, etc.) Invite them to your school as a great way to start this cultural transformation.
  11. I think far more likely is the "never let a good crisis go to waste"
  12. What boys need more is involvement with their fathers. But that often doesn't work out as they have been cast aside and government has become the husband of many women thru welfare and enforcement of child support. I even have posted how having more men involved in the church will save more of their family members, but we are content to have a gynocentric church. We raised four boys of or own and several nephews along with nieces for long periods of time. Over the years and looking back it would be impossible to list the many ways my husband was vital to their upbringing.Boys and girls alike . Violent behavior would never have been tolerated nor would trying to feminize them
  13. That is the incredible part of the whole incident. No REAL armed guards would stand around when the children they were supposed to guard are being mowed down by a lone gunman. There is something very fishy about that part. Are we so sure this wasn't a planned event to work up people's hysteria in order to take away guns from the common citizens? No, I don't think the kids were actors -- they were tragic victims. The event was terribly real. But those guards sure seem to be actors NOT guards.
  14. The really sad part is there is a very good chance they could have saved many of these students in the four minutes they crouched behind their cars with guns drawn. A law not enforced is more than worthless,it gives a false sense of security.
  15. "The Bible and Genetic Science"

    From the description: The American Journal of Human Genetics ran an article in 2017 that alleged the Bible stated the Israelites destroyed the Canaanites. Therefore, believers in the Bible should expect that no Canaanites survived until the present day. This contrasted with their genetic data strongly suggesting that descendants of Canaanites survived around the city of Sidon. A letter disputing this argument (and a reply by the original authors) have now been published. Suggestions for further research are made. 1. Haber, M. et al. 2017. Continuity and Admixture in the Last Five Millennia of Levantine History from Ancient Canaanite and Present-Day Lebanese Genome Sequences. Am J Hum Genet 101: 274-282. At http://www.cell.com/ajhg/fulltext/S0002-9297(17)30276-8 2. Giem, P. 2018. Bible Says Israelites Didn't Exterminate Sidonians. Am J Hum Genet 102: 330. At http://www.cell.com/ajhg/fulltext/S0002-9297(18)30001-6 3. Haber, M. et al. 2018. Response to Giem. Am J Hum Genet 102: 331. At http://www.cell.com/ajhg/fulltext/S0002-9297(18)30002-8 4. http://henrycenter.tiu.edu/2017/08/breaking-news-science-disproves-the-bible/ 5. https://evolutionnews.org/2017/07/for-culturally-illiterate-science-reporters-ancient-canaanite-dna-yields-occasion-to-slap-the-bible-around/ 6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5zOpF59xxw
  16. School Killings

    How is that "armed guards in every school" argument working out?
  17. School Killings

    Still missing from the thread is "why do these boys come back and kill those who they know and perhaps have even grown up with?"
  18. Sports and Leisure Trivia

    What sport do you throw bombs in?
  19. School Killings

    First of all, violence as I have posted many times, is often more often expressed by females. You lib types seem to choke on this, but I have posted many articles that looks at the evidence. More children are killed by their mothers. Women are just as involved in domestic violence. Even men going to war sometimes is promoted by feminists (research the White Feather campaign in Britain during the First World War. What boys need more is involvement with their fathers. But that often doesn't work out as they have been cast aside and government has become the husband of many women thru welfare and enforcement of child support. I even have posted how having more men involved in the church will save more of their family members, but we are content to have a gynocentric church. While this topic is about men's and women's issues, the following YouTube does get to where some may not like it, but it will quite graphically illustrate the issue.. You can always click out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2bCgunLEB4&t=28s BTW, will post a separate thread on "SoyBoys"!
  20. Sports and Leisure Trivia

  21. NBA 2017/2018 Season

    Fri, Feb 23 Scores Boston Celtics 110 Detroit Pistons 98 Atlanta Hawks 93 Indiana Pacers 116 Charlotte Hornets 122 Washington Wizards 105 Milwaukee Bucks 122 OT Toronto Raptors 119 Miami Heat 123 OT New Orleans Pelicans 124 Minnesota Timberwolves 102 Houston Rockets 120 Cleveland Cavaliers 112 Memphis Grizzlies 89 San Antonio Spurs 119 Denver Nuggets 122 Los Angeles Clippers 128 Phoenix Suns 117 Portland Trail Blazers 100 Utah Jazz 81 Dallas Mavericks 102 Los Angeles Lakers 124
  22. MLB 2018 PreSeason

    Fri, Feb 23 Scores Tampa Bay Rays 6 Baltimore Orioles 3 Minnesota Twins 3 Boston Red Sox 4 Detroit Tigers 1 New York Yankees 3 Washington Nationals 2 Houston Astros 3 St. Louis Cardinals 4 Miami Marlins 6 Pittsburgh Pirates 3 Tampa Bay Rays 6 Philadelphia Phillies 1 Toronto Blue Jays 2 Atlanta Braves 2 New York Mets 6 Cincinnati Reds 6 Cleveland Indians 4 Chicago Cubs 1 Milwaukee Brewers 2 Los Angeles Angels 8 Oakland Athletics 9 Chicago White Sox 5 Los Angeles Dodgers 13 Milwaukee Brewers 6 San Francisco Giants 5 Seattle Mariners 3 San Diego Padres 2 Arizona Diamondbacks 7 10 innings Colorado Rockies 6
  23. NHL 2017/18 Season

    Fri, Feb 23 Scores Minnesota Wild 4 New York Rangers 1 Pittsburgh Penguins 6 Carolina Hurricanes 1 Winnipeg Jets 4 St. Louis Blues 0 San Jose Sharks 1 Chicago Blackhawks 3 Vancouver Canucks 3 Vegas Golden Knights 6
  24. Yesterday
  25. Cars Do Kill People as well. Those over 4000 dead so far this year from drunk drivers really would not care what the car was designed for. Most that use a car legally do so because they have regard for the rule of law or they fear the consequences.Most carry insurance,this does not prohibit the many that do not from getting behind the wheel. It is a law without teeth unless people choose to obey it or violators face stiff consequences if caught. Not a consideration when you don't care if caught or end up dead yourself. Compensation is very cold comfort to people like my parents that buried two children. "You cannot operate a car when you are under the influence of alcohol" . If you do not care about the rule of law who says you can't? But maybe a 15 year old who wants to shoot up his classmates wouldn’t be able to. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to make it just a little harder for criminals to obtain them. 15 year olds cannot by law purchase a firearm. Do they,of course. Just look at the very young gang members that could care less about the law. They ensure that people who have proven that they are not competent to operate a car (someone with multiple DUIs, for example) aren’t allowed to operate one. Those not competent to operate a car can and do operate them on our roads easier than they could obtain a gun. In many places you cannot use a car and a cell phone simultaneously. Wonder how much comfort that law is to the parents of the estimated 11 teens that die every day with texting and driving. Texting causes more accidents than driving drunk. Not all are teenagers,many adults are guilty as well. What would be so terrible about having similar regulations for guns? Guns are very powerful weapons, especially ones like the AR-15. The regulations I hear people proposing aren’t unlike the regulations on cars. There should be more stringent background checks.Most don't have a problem with that Background checks are only as good as what is on record or what no one seems to be willing to acknowledge. Cruz should never have passed a background check had those we paid to do their job had done so. Even at legal age following the law he could not have purchased legally. That is something. But this was not done in a moment of rage. This was methodical,well thought out and planned. Some seem to think he would have dismissed his desire to be a "better school shooter" killing as many as possible because he would be breaking the law to by a illegal gun. Criminals will always find ways to obtain illegal weapons!” Perhaps. But maybe a 15 year old who wants to shoot up his classmates wouldn’t be able to. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to make it just a little harder for criminals to obtain them. A 15 year old is far more knowledgeable about obtaining items he shouldn't have than most adults on here. This was not a 15 year old. This was a 19 year old that had broadcast his intentions for a very long time while the adults paid to intervene and prevent yawned. .
  26. Trivia Quiz?

    Which animal's tongue is so long that it is anchored to its sternum? Aardvark Giraffe Anteater Hedgehog I'm tempted to say Giraffe, because of its long neck, but it's one of these others for sure!!! So my gonna guess the Anteater??
  27. Stories from Sunnyside

    Currently, I am reading Stories from Sunnyside, a 300-page book on Mrs. White's stay in Australia. Marian De Berg, the author, worked at the Australian White Estate branch office for 29 years and had a great deal of pleasure in collecting these stories. While you probably know of some of the hardships Ellen White faced in travel, this book really details more journeys than I knew about that Ellen White shouldn't have taken (from a human standpoint), talks she never should have given (physical weakness), and other challenges Ellen White had to meet down under. The development of Avondale as an Adventist center for higher learning was most interesting. Some of the ways Ellen White pushed to eventually save money involved altering building plans to put a second story on a building at nearly the last minute (more room under that roof). She also deeply regretted the length of time it took to get a proper campus church building because meeting in rooms where furniture and other were stacked around the walls and where bugs abounded that worshipers could take home in their clothing didn't seem too spiritual to her. If I keep going, you won't have to read the book so I'll just say that the half of the book read thus far has contributed much to my understanding of the beginnings of the Australian work. It also added to my appreciation of the Australian workers I worked alongside in Africa.
  28. Trivia Quiz?

    Trivia: The Life and Times of Apple's Steve Jobs February 24, 1955, was Steve Jobs' birthday. A true visionary, Steve Jobs changed the way we do everything, from how we listen to music to how we teach our children. See if you answer these trivia questions about one of the most iconic CEO and computer innovators in history? Why Did Jobs Settle on the Name "Apple" for the Company? Why on Earth Was the First Apple Computer Priced at $666.66? Steve Jobs' Mercedes Was Missing What One Thing That Virtually Every Other Car in the World Has? Starting in 1998, How Much Was Steve Jobs Paid Per Year by Apple?
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