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  2. What makes God real to you?

    UPDATE: My patent attorney told a marketing agent that he likes about my invention. He has called, and really wants to license the Toaster Mate to a company. He of course will take 30% of any royalties I am paid. He talks at DSL speed and I think at modem, so mostly I try to get him to write, rather than phone. Anyway. I paid my design engineer to make a couple of small changes to the Toaster Mate design. He has made new models, and now another fellow has made new plaster slip molds. I found a ceramic expert at Ft Worth (2 hrs from me). She is experimenting with colors, adding small amount of pigments to the slip (liquid clay) trying to come up with a good color for the Toaster Mate. So far - no success. But she will keep trying. She has told me that she is considering expanding her ceramics business into manufacturing. She actually presented an invention of her own to the Walmart folks up at Bentonville 2 weeks ago. She is waiting to hear back from them. She was told by the Walmart folks that they will be going to all USA made soon. They did not tell her that was a secret, so I'm guessing the word is already out on that. I would love to have the Toaster Mate made in the US. I searched for 2 years for someone to manufacture it - without success. Almost all manufacture of ceramics has moved to China. Now here comes Jill at Texas Pottery. So - we will just have to see how it goes. I have told the marketing agent to wait until we get a good color, and I have at least a couple dozen Toaster Mates to use as samples. If Jill wants to make them - fine. But Jill's production capacity will NOT enable mass marketing. I don't know HOW the Toaster Mate could be mass-marketed anyway. The process for making something ceramic is multi stepped, and takes time, and something mold-poured takes even more time. I'm beginning to think the LORD chose something for me that involves a journey with many challenges. So very like HIM - to teach me patience. I can invest more to get that going, but it will have to start small and grow from there. I'm thinking we could sell them at specialty bread bakeries, or those small cooking appliance shops (the ones with kitchen towels and the like). The Toaster Mate is not a plastic kitchen gadget. It's more like functional art. OK. Will update when I know more. Rachel
  3. On Female Vulnerability!

    See: http://www.christianitytoday.com/women/2017/october/unsettling-truth-behind-metoo-movement-harvey-weinstein.html?utm_source=ctweekly-html&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_term=16245031&utm_content=543397655&utm_campaign=email
  4. Photon Teleportation

    Photon teleportation is here, or is it? What does this mean for the teleportation of living beings? You probably will not find answers to all of your questions. But the following is of interest: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2017/october-web-only/theology-lesson-quantum-physics-star-trek.html?utm_source=ctweekly-html&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_term=16245031&utm_content=543397655&utm_campaign=email
  5. GC VP Removed as Unity Committee Chair

    Lets have some more committee's......so much fun...better yet let's go on a renaming tour of everything!!
  6. 6 PM Saturday

    it should be noted that the Crosswalks church also has 10AM and 11:30AM services..
  7. President Trump may be a force behind the growth of Christianity and also Adventism in Iraq and the Middle East! See: http://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2017/october/christians-return-iraq-trump-deportations-chaldeans-detroit.html?utm_source=ctweekly-html&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_term=16245031&utm_content=543397655&utm_campaign=email
  8. Today
  9. How exact do we need to be?

    They are "The Covenant". They are the basis for judgment against those who knowingly keep doing these things - without repentance.
  10. GC VP Removed as Unity Committee Chair

    that's ironic. "Oversight" can also mean "mistake"...
  11. How exact do we need to be?

    Yes - LHC. I believe the new Comforter, would be the glorified Christ.
  12. Karl Barth, A Sinner

    Karl Barth has been said to have been the greatest Protestant theologian of his time--the 1900s. Recent scholarship has revealed the depths to which he went to justify in his own life what others would likely call sin. The following article deals with the issue of what to do with such that we might see in our spiritual leaders. I post the link not because of agreement with everything that the author says. Rather I post it because I suggest that the issue is real and worthy of consideration. See: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2017/october-web-only/what-to-make-of-karl-barths-steadfast-adultery.html?utm_source=ctweekly-html&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_term=16245031&utm_content=543397655&utm_campaign=email&start=1
  13. GC VP Removed as Unity Committee Chair

    The following additional information on this matter is taken from Spectrum: Sam Neves, associate director of communications for the GC, confirmed that the Administrative Committee (ADCOM) must vote on any change in leadership before it takes effect. “There is no story,” Neves said, until ADCOM meets to vote. He added that the Committee could choose to keep Lemon on as chair. According to Neves, ADCOM will not meet again for at least six weeks, after President Ted Wilson returns from his current travels. Additionally, there seems to be confusion surrounding the proper name of the committee in question. In official documents, including the recent “Procedures for Reconciliation and Adherence in Church Governance Phase II,” the committee is referred to as the “Unity Oversight Committee.” However, during Annual Council last week, delegates on the floor started referring to the committee as the “Unity in Mission Oversight Committee,” a name which seems to have stuck, and has appeared in reports from various news outlets. Neves confirmed that there is no current consensus among GC officials on the committee’s name, but they are looking into the matter. The confusion may stem from the fact that the name of the initial 2016 document that outlined the procedures for reconciliation with non-compliant entities is “Unity in Mission.” It seems in the weeks ahead, the Committee may be tasked both with finding a new chair and deciding on its official name going forward. Thomas Lemon has declined requests for comment on the GC’s statement regarding his leadership of the Committee or ADCOM’s role in the matter.
  14. GC VP Removed as Unity Committee Chair

  15. gone this week end

    we will be looking for you! Hope all is well
  16. How exact do we need to be?

    I dont "deal with the Word;" the word deals with me
  17. Agree 100% Using humans or yourself as moral compasses means you have no moral compass, as far as I'm concerned. God's word needs to be our moral compass. With humans, "true north" moves with the whims of society. "True north" with God never moves - He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  18. Raafat Kamal, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Trans-European territory, spoke on grace and tolerance during the European Parliament Celebratory in Brussels, Belgium. View the full article
  19. The Adventist Marriage Message

    The situation in Africa: In some places in Africa it is common for a man to have multiple legal wives. What should the Church do when such a man and his wives desire to join the SDA Church? This situation is exceedingly complex. Should the denomination require the man to divorce all of the legal wives with the exception of one? That would have horrendous consequences for the women so divorced which we in the West little understand. * In some cases the Church has allowed the wives to become members, but refused to allow the man to join. * While not generally known, probably in some cases all have been allowed to join. * Probably, in some cases, none have joined and they have simply attended SDA services without membership. The bottom line is that the SDA denomination, to my knowledge, has not been able to resolve this issue and remains fractured as to what the solution should be.
  20. The Sabbath has answered the basic questions of thoughtful people through the years. Questions such as: Where have we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go in the future? And above all, what kind of a Person is our God, and what does He want of His children? The Sabbath all through […] The post The True Meaning of the Sabbath appeared first on Jon Paulien's Blog. View the full article
  21. 6 PM Saturday

    Can't get up early enough to attend 9 AM Sabbath school? Have to work in a hospital Saturday mornings? Well, here is a SDA church that now has 6 PM Saturday services, see: http://www.crosswalkvillage.com/6pm/ NOTE: I have placed this in the Theology section as some people may consider this to be a theological issue.
  22. gone this week end

    Do I understand that you have made a public announcement that someone can burgle your home during that period of time?
  23. gone this week end

    Keep safe!
  24. NBA 2017/2018 Season

    Sat, Oct 21 Schedule Oct 21, 7:30 PM EDT Philadelphia 76ers 0-1 Toronto Raptors 1-0 Oct 21, 8:00 PM EDT San Antonio Spurs 1-0 Chicago Bulls 0-1 Orlando Magic 1-0 Cleveland Cavaliers 1-0 Dallas Mavericks 0-1 Houston Rockets 2-0 Indiana Pacers 1-0 Miami Heat 0-1 Detroit Pistons 1-0 New York Knicks 0-1 Golden State Warriors 0-1 Memphis Grizzlies 1-0 Oct 21, 8:30 PM EDT Portland Trail Blazers 1-0 Milwaukee Bucks 1-0 Oct 21, 9:00 PM EDT Sacramento Kings 0-1 Denver Nuggets 0-1 Oklahoma City Thunder 1-0 Utah Jazz 1-0 Oct 21, 10:30 PM EDT Phoenix Suns 0-1 Los Angeles Clippers 1-0
  25. NBA 2017/2018 Season

    Fri, Oct 20 Schedule 7:00 PM EDT Portland Trail Blazers 1-0 Indiana Pacers 1-0 Cleveland Cavaliers 1-0 Milwaukee Bucks 1-0 Boston Celtics 0-2 Philadelphia 76ers 0-1 Detroit Pistons 1-0 Washington Wizards 1-0 Atlanta Hawks 1-0 Charlotte Hornets 0-1 7:30 PM EDT Orlando Magic 1-0 Brooklyn Nets 0-1 8:00 PM EDT Utah Jazz 1-0 Minnesota Timberwolves 0-1 8:30 PM EDT Sacramento Kings 0-1 Dallas Mavericks 0-1 9:30 PM EDT Golden State Warriors 0-1 New Orleans Pelicans 0-1 10:00 PM EDT Los Angeles Lakers 0-1 Phoenix Suns 0-1
  26. NBA 2017/2018 Season

    Thu, Oct 19 Scores Chicago Bulls 100 Toronto Raptors 117 New York Knicks 84 Oklahoma City Thunder 105 Los Angeles Clippers 108 Los Angeles Lakers 92
  27. MLB 2017 Playoffs and World Series

    Sat, Oct 21 If Necessary AL League Championship Series Yankees lead series 3-2 Oct 21, 8:08 PM EDT New York Yankees 91-71 Houston Astros 101-61 NYY: CC Sabathia (14-5, 3.69 ERA) HOU: Charlie Morton (14-7, 3.62 ERA)
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