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    rudywoofs (Pam)

    A Question about Mental Illness and the Unforgiveable sin....

    I may be wrong, but it is my understanding that the unpardonable sin is the continual and knowingly (until death) rejection of the Holy Spirit's bidding to come to Christ.
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    Gregory Matthews

    Must be Baptized in the Name of Yahshua the Christ to Be saved.

    1) I wonder what you think about the thief who died on the cross along with Christ and whether or not that thief was saved. 2) To say that now we know the truth, comes across as arrogant.
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    Bill Cork

    Immigration & SDA Membership

    There's so much fear of immigrants, from both white conservatives and white liberals. Both are afraid that backward people from darker places will impede our progress and our lifestyle and will mess with our politics. I live in the heart of the most diverse part of the most diverse city in the United States. There is a mosque in Spanish nearby, and others that are Indonesian, Arab, or Pakistani. There are Buddhist temples and a Sikh gurdwara. There are Korean Presbyterians and Nigerian Anglicans, and the closest Seventh-day Adventist church has Chinese, Vietnamese, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Kenyan, South African, Colombian, and Jamaican members (and many more). Yes, the Adventist church is growing through immigration--as is every other faith group. The city is diverse and dynamic and growing. In 2016, it grew by 125,000 people (twice as many people coming to this one city each year as there are members in the the entire Texas Conference). This is the norm that my kids grew up with, attending schools where there friends were of many nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples. Their friends were Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Protestant, and Buddhist. The Adventist church they attended for most of their youth looked like the community; diverse members of one church. Yes, there were interesting conversations that sometimes became disputes because everyone, whether from Lagos or Loma Linda, wanted to find a church like they knew back home. Because when in a new place, people find comfort in what is familiar. They find meaning in what stays the same in the midst of change. They want to be able to teach their kids the traditions handed down to them. All immigrants deal with the same things, as was demonstrated in Helen Rose Ebaugh's 2001 book, "Religion and the New Immigrants," which profiled a number of worshiping communities in southwest Houston of different faiths and different ethnicities, looking at what was unique, and then comparing issues across religious lines. I have recommended it to every Adventist pastor and administrator asking about the city, but I don't know the a single one has taken me up on it. Immigrants want to hold on to things that have meaning for them, while long time residents want them to conform to "us" rapidly. Church growth advocates expect application of Fuller principles should work the same in suburban Anglo churches, urban Hispanic churches, and in Vietnamese churches. They don't. Youth surveys present a homogenous view of "X-ers" and "Millennials," without regard to the very different perspectives of urban v suburban, or the differences in mindset and value and psychology between different cultures. The solution only comes in crossing boundaries, in becoming comfortable in this chaos, in getting to know others, in learning how other people think, and process, and make decisions. It means being patient, and listening. And realizing that this is the main task. Because this change, this influx, is the constant. And if we are so focused on getting another 3000 baptisms a year in the state, we won't even be able to comprehend that 400,000 people moved into the state in the same time frame. We're obsessed with adding a few grains of rice to our bowl with a pair of chopsticks while balancing on our head on the back of a turtle -- and are oblivious to the tsunami. Those who want to build walls are living in fear. I prefer to live in hope, and in the excitement of the possibilities that abound in this amazingly rich place.
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    Kingdom of AdventiStan

    Stan, are you saying that the monthly amount I set up through paypal to ClubAdventist is no longer being paid to you? Do I need to go to paypal again to set up a payment to Adventistan? I truly appreciate this forum. My views agree with SDAdventism in many ways, but differ from Adventism in some important things. The moderators have never suggested I leave because of my honestly held views. And you Stan have defended me when a few participants got personally abusive during discussions. Thank you. Discussions here with serious Bible students have given me many good insights. And the forum allows folks to challenge my views. I need that.
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    Gregory Matthews

    When Pastors/People Leave the SDA Chruch

    In my opinion, the requirements to join and to remain a SDA member are few in number--certainly less than the 28. But, we are living in a time where in our society at large people are attempting to draw boundaries that exclude as many people as possible and this has carried over in the Church and to its business and we see the same happeing today. I once pastored a congregation in which we decided that we would disfellowship a person only if the vote was 100% in favor of doing so. I would first ask for a vote against doing so and if their was even one (1) vote against doing so, I would immediately table the action and the process would stop.
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    When your spouse is treated badly.

    I left the Adventist Church because of legalism, unkindness, and constant criticism of its members. The last day I went to my regular church, the old guard were berating another teenager about the song she sang and using a guitar. This was around 20 years ago. I much prefer to worship God in my own way in my own home with my family. My husband had quit going a year before me because when he had cancer and was in the hospital, some Adventist couples came to visit him and told him he got cancer because he ate meat and he was going to hell. That was just the last straw for him. I could write a book on the meanness of Seventh-Day-Adventists. When I decided I couldn't in good conscience bring a visitor to my church, that was the day I said to myself, "What am I doing here?" What the church needs is love, love, love. Mrs. White says the church will be good when thousands leave in the shaking and thousands from outside come in. That will be a good day.
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    rudywoofs (Pam)

    Moral Outrage is self-serving...

    Just FYI: I had no ulterior motives in starting this thread. Nobody specific even came to mind when I read the article in the first place. I just thought it was an interesting perspective, and one that I hadn't thought of previously, and I *thought* maybe others here on the forum might find it interesting, as well.
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    We were created. God created us. He could just let us all die (or get rid of us). He could then create another creation. Right? That thought must have gone through the minds of all "created" beings. If HE created us, then HE can just get rid of us. We are disposable. The flood of Noah didn't help. It certainly appeared that God was disposing of humans who were a disappointment to HIM. How was God to let HIS creation know they are NOT DISPOSABLE. HE gave HIS Son - to suffer with them and then to die by torture. This was HIS "I love you" message. "I love you so much, I would die rather than loose you." You are NOT disposable.
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    rudywoofs (Pam)

    Christ & Christmas

    if someone thinks Christmas (Christ's Mass) is pagan and refuses to celebrate the holiday for that reason, that's okay. But the truth is, most pagans (and I'm thinking of the witches and other neopagans, along with Druidic and Celtic factions, rather than centuries old-established non-christian religions) aren't particularly impressed with Christmas. The day has no relevance in their sacred calendar (and never has), contrary to what many Christian writers have tried to espouse. The Winter Solstice (Yule) was the important day... and it's *never* on Dec 25th. So many Christians get so worked up and fearful of "touching" anything that could possibly be conceived as "pagan" — and end up sounding the false alarm. Let's be thankful for a day when most of the Christian world remembers the Christ Child's birth, and stops for a bit to think good thoughts. But as I wrote first, if someone doesn't want to celebrate Christmas, fine. But don't steal the joy from others who truly get a blessing from the day...
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    Gregory Matthews

    Christ & Christmas

    In view of Stinsonmarri's post, I feel a need to clearly say that in no way did I intend to imply that she was a Jesuit hiding under my bed. As a matter of fact, I am confused as to how either she or any other person could think that I might have implied that she was a Jesuit. To set put this in context, for any who do not know: Jesuits are all male. There is no such thing as a Jesuit female. My understanding is that Stinsonmarri is a female. I would never imply otherwise. Further, I would never consider Stinsonmarri to have any desire to hide under my bed.
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    Gregory Matthews

    Christ & Christmas

    If you all will excuse me for a bit, while I leave this forum. I think that I need to check to see if there is a Jesuit hiding under my bed. I think I heard some strange noises from that area, recently.
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    rudywoofs (Pam)

    Downsides of Theological Discussions

    I thought EGW herself referred to her writings as the "lesser light".... not the "guiding light"
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    Gregory Matthews

    Cental California Announcement

    For those of you who are interested, the following is a photo of myself, my sister and my wife.
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    🤢 I watched the interview, the above words are just more Pope/RCC baiting. An opinion statement not based on facts or accuracy.
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    Kevin H

    Are 'Celebration SDA Churches', new path to God, or away from truth?

    I've been wanting to make some comments here but have not had the time that I thought would be fair, so I will try a "Standing on one leg" answer. Then there is another direction on this which I feel is more urgent to address and I will do that below. Anyway, so called "celebration" churches are not one group. The post have lumped them all together. I've attended a few including in Milwaukee Oregon and Colton California. They were as different as day and night. And I have read balanced articles about others from people who I respect. What the "Celebration" churches have in common is that they do not follow the traditional 1700/1800 Methodist model of worship, but are willing to try other forms. Milwaukee had a style that was very culturally Christian. I don't see it attracting people who were not into a very sticky sweet Jesusiee type of religion. Having lived in Israel and had a couple of former girlfriends who were Israeli and one who was a Christian Arab from Bethlehem, if I did marry any of them (or had them come to visit) I would not have taken them to that church. But yet there are Christians who it appeals to. The big problem I saw with that church was that they were so close to "Hope International" in Washington that the "Hope International" people would accuse that church of this that and the other thing. For example a Baptist church in the area who they once rented from was on a Saturday holding a car wash. It was to raise money for a boy in Portland who had cancer. By the way the boy was a Seventh-day Adventist. Even thought it was not the Seventh-day Adventist church having that carwash, the people from Hope International accused them of sponsoring it. This persecution is what destroyed that church. Now the Colton church was not nearly as sticky sweet Jesusiee. They had a service which was not the traditional Methodist service but they worked on getting people into small groups. Many of these small groups were VERY conservative and VERY traditional. They were reaching out to people who had left the church, or were on the verge of leaving, giving them something to hold on to and discipline them into the small groups which as I said were steps to becoming more conservative and traditional Adventists. But because they had the title of being a "Celebration" church once again it was attacked by those who love to give an empty criticism. So with other "Celebration" churches. Some are very conservative, others more moderate, and yes others who are liberal. Some I'd strongly disagree with, others I can embrace, some I'd not get too excited about but can live with. The only thing that they have in common is that they are open to follow other methods than the traditional Methodist service.
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    What makes God real to you?

    I had gotten out of the military & I was living in Houston. I was living in a small three room house behind my grandparents. There was a big recession, I couldn't find a job. So I worked as a day laborer. I also joined church for the first time, the sda church. I would take the day off from time to time and ride the bus down to the state employment office. They would have job listings, or day labor assignments, but you had to get there early. If you showed up at 9 or 10am all the job listings for that day were gone. I would go back to working as a day laborer at the labor pool the next day. I developed a habit of sleeping with a pillow and or the covers pulled over my head. As if that would protect. me. I didn't believe in ghosts, but I knew angels and demons were real. My uncle, who introduced me and others to adventist doctrine, would tell me these stories about the unfore seen world of angels. He was a bit too zealous in telling these stories cause he would scare the heck out of me. That's why I pulled the cover over my head. I was a grown man in my 20s. I'm in my 60s now and I still sleep that way. One day I decided to sleep in. I had been working and searching for a month or so. I was sort of fed up with the process. It was still early, about 7am or so. It was too late to go to the employment office. You had to get there early. So I laid my head down sideways on my pillow and went to sleep. Suddenly this spirit being penetrated by mind, my brain. He did so in a manner that would not frighten me. I feel certain it was my guardian angel. The angel told me in an inaudible way, to get up and go to the employment office. I knew this was a message from God. So I got up and went. When I got there it was about 11am or so, much too late to get a good job assignment. The employment counselor told me about a job working as a courier for this successful real estate corporation. Job duties would include processing and delivering mail interoffice. Making bank deposits. Stock work, etc. He had already sent 80 to 100 people to interview for this job. I went to the company and interviewed with them. They told me they had talked to one hundred or so prospects. Of all those prosects I got the job. Before this I used to occasionally entertain thoughts that this whole God and religion stuff could possibly be not true. After that experience with the angel telling me to go look for that job that morning i knew for sure that it is all true. I'm convinced there is a God and a devil. There are angels. Heaven is real. The bible is true.
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    Gregory Matthews

    Appeal for Sound Methods of Intepretation of Bible Prophecy

    Ron lambert makes three (3) points with which I am in solid agreement with him: * We must use sound methods to interpret and to understand the Biblical prophecies. * We have not always done so. * Our evangelists have not always done so. Once he goes beyond the above points I will leave it to you to decide. I am not going to get into those aspects of his post at this point in time. But, I applaud him for making the above three (3) points which I believe are critical.
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    Outta Here

    If God Were a Woman

    I don't think of God as male or female. I use the pronoun "He" because it sounds better than "It". Still, what does gender have to do with how God loves us--especially when you consider that He loves us COMPLETELY as a perfect parent would.
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    Kingdom of AdventiStan

    I admit I was kinda a troll cause who truly cares besides God what one little person somewhere in the world thinks? After months of seeing the name change, the capitalized S kept on popping out with every email I received and pushing my buttons. But I am impressed with the direct nature of those who responded, the resulting parley with words. I do appreciate Stan being willing to uncapitalize the S and I think the name looks better that way. Thank you Stan. Now with a better understanding of the nature of this forum and why the name changed I think I'll be visiting a little more. The idea that I can post in a place where readers will understand the Adventist concepts I present appeals to me, and I like a casual/informal environment. It's too bad though that Google won't cough up the money earned through the Club Adventist ads. God is good. He will open doors when the timing is right and we faithfully ask. Margie
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    The nature of the Holy Spirit

    To me, and I have said this before, I ask the question who is man who he thinks he can define God using human words, a concept that is bigger than we can think. It is like the smartest ant telling outer ants how a super computer works. He can only use ant words and concepts. It is called the mystery for a purpose. It is like how can God always be? That makes our mind go blank as it fails to comprehend.
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    Some Religious leaders Tend to keep quiet when the Poor and most Volunarable people are being oppressed I don't think this is true. I remember the Founders of the SDA Church decided to break Civil laws during the times of Slavery and they protected slaves. Do we still have people that can do the same today?
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    What is the purpose of church membership?

    There are Messianic Jews, who are still Jews!! They don't consider themselves to be christian. Its the foolish rules of the Jewish nation that says those that believe in Jesus can't be Jewish. I was born Jewish. but was not brought up Jewish, or I should say my father, having spent 5+ years in 3 different concentration camps wanted nothing to do with God or Judaism. So we never did any of the Jewish festivals, etc. Do I consider consider myself Jewish? Absolutely, but I am a SDA! Which doesn't take away that I was born Jewish. I'm not sure any of that makes any sense to you, it does to me!
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    When Pastors/People Leave the SDA Chruch

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    When your spouse is treated badly.

    I do not foresee anything that would drive me away from God's remnant church. I was sharing with a fruend in a 12-Step group that I am an Aventist. He shared that a friend of his visitted the Adventist church and liked it. The next week was potluck and she was asked to bring a vegetarian plate so she did. However at potluck one of the members talked down to her saying she wouldn't eat the dish because it had cheese. So she left and never went back. i confessed to my friend that sounded like something that could happen because there is a small minority of self-rigteous folks in every church. Before I could finish the story, my friend agreed and commented that self-righteous folks are not just limmited to the Adventist churches. I went on to tell him of a Mexican family that visitted a church in Minnesota where I attended college. When they brought chicken to potluck, our pastor sat at their table and ate their chicken with them. The self-righteous folks were ready to hang the pastor for hearosy.
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    rudywoofs (Pam)

    The Shack

    I actually think Satan would rather *not* see The Shack story be made into a movie. Anything that grabs a person's attention, points them to the subject of God and His character, and creates a medium for conversation and exploration about Him goes against Satan's agenda. Really, he's *more* than happy when folks retreat into their comfort zones — it means that the message of God will be delayed that much longer. This is not to say that everyone should see the movie. If someone feels strongly that s/he should not view it, then by all means, do not view it. But most all religious movies have created an opening for discussion with people who are searching...
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    The Shack

    Jesus spoke to the people in the words they would get the message in. This movie does that, the point that is dealt with is the big questions, why is there pain and suffering A key point one of the children was going to hell one to heaven the father could choose. He said take me instead. God said, that is what I did for my children... really powerful moment..
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    rudywoofs (Pam)

    The Days of Wine And Roses

    I agree with some of what Fulcrum7 publishes; some of it I don't. — which is sort of what I find in all groups. So... I use what I like, discard what I don't, and thank God that He didn't clone us to think and behave identically.
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    Warning # 2

    I respect you for your honest confession, LR. If you can't feel safe to admit that you are not perfect to your Christian brothers and sisters, who can you talk to about it and get honest, Christ-centered support? I think if most of us were honest, we would have the same confession. I know I do. And if we are a Christ-centered community, we will encourage you on your walk, not criticize you. Your presence on this forum is valuable.
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    Kavanaugh Hearings

    Did anyone catch the hearings today? What a farce and a kangaroo court! Everyone (including Republicans) treated Ms. Ford with the utmost respect and courtesy. But when Kavanaugh came out, the Democrat's gloves came off. They treated an honorable and competent judge like some kind of a loathsome criminal, sex offender, and a hostile witness. They are asking Kavanaugh to prove he didn't do this. Anyone who has ever taken Philosophy 101 learned that it is impossible to prove a negative. Senator Lindsay Graham said it right when He called the Dem's tactics a scam and a stall tactic to take the confirmation past the 2018 elections. Let's see - Kavanaugh has letters signed by over 80 high school and college female friends saying the judge is completely honorably and respectful. Ms. Ford names three eye witnesses - all of whom refuted her testimony. Ms. Ford is a victim in this as well. The Dems set her up on a public soap box she never wanted. After watching those proceedings, I'm convinced satan must be a Democrat (no offense to my democrat friends).
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    Gregory Matthews

    The Investigative Judgment

    In my opinion, many have rejected the idea of an IJ on the basis of a misunderstanding of what it is about. It is not we humans who are on trial. It is not a teaching that we humans cannot be assured of our salvation until we pass the IJ. The IJ Is focused on God. The IJ demonstrates to a waiting universe that the plan of salvation has accomplished it purpose, we who are destined to spend eternity with God had freely chosen to do so and sin has been removed from us. We are safe to save and God is just in saving us. On the other hand, those who will not spend eternity with God have exercised their free choice to depart from God and God is just in allowing them to do so. As to the date of the IJ, a date that people may argue about, this is of much less importance than is an understanding of the nature of the IJ to include that the IJ is not a trial that may result in the loss of our salvation.
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    Why Doesn't God Use Me?

    I've always regarded myself as "weak" and "blind" sometimes, and foolish often. Guess I'm a good candidate - for God's use that is. I once asked the LORD what element of my character He most wanted to change. Instantly - and I do mean INSTANTLY - the word "impatience" flooded my mind. So if you're at all like me, and you find your life slowed to a crawl, the LORD may be working on your character, so He can make good use of you - later. I remember - some 25 years ago - there was a mentally challenged woman who attended my church. Joe may remember her. She walked with a forward leaning flat-footed gait. She would loudly interrupt Sabbath School class, telling us to prepare for judgment (not the topic of the lesson), then telling the leader that he was disrespecting her. Well - he wasn't. He was very patient with her. I remember sitting there seething with impatience, (and my intellectual snobbery) wondering why he allowed this woman to LOUDLY interrupt our class. Why didn't he DEAL with her? I hope I've come some way "heavenward" from that.
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    Gregory Matthews

    A Great Honor!

    BW: Send the money to me, of course. Pam: Dr. Chen left her position with WHO on May 22, 2017. Of course it is a scam. A real offer would have valued me at more than $850,000. I am offended by the low offer, but I guess that is what happens if you are employed by a charity. JoMo: Thank you.
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    Gregory Matthews


    The news media has focused for some time on the issue of alleged attempts of Russian agents to influence the recent Presidential election. With the passage of time, it has become more evident of the major investment of time and energy for Russian agents (trolls) to attempt to engage U.S. citizens and to influence their thinking on various subjects. As a point of information, we here at Club Adventist in the Kingdom of Adventistan are aware that trolls from Russia visit this website on just about a daily basis and in addition, some of them do register here as members. I will suggest that it is an honor for this website to be important enough for us to be included in those efforts. NOTE: Contrary to what some may think: I am not a Russian troll! Also, I am not a Jesuit priest!
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    How exact do we need to be?

    GAIL I hear a sermon about the word perfection====the speaker made a point about the word perfect he said we could use the word qualified ===an example===" this person is perfect for the job" we could use the word qualified====" this person is qualified for the job " so GOD THE FATHER===GOD THE SON===GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT are qualifying his people to be in HEAVEN just a thought dgrimm60
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    an explanation on why the moments for the South topple so easy

    I don't see too many statues of Hitler and Himmler and Goebbels in Germany. Most of the statues of Confederate leaders were not put up during or immediately after the Civil War. They were set up during the civil rights arguments around bussing and integration and de-segregation last century with an explicitly racist intent. They should be removed by governments, but if governments refuse to remove them, what then? Remember terrible history, by all means. But don't celebrate it. Don't use it to send a terrible message to people living here and now.
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    Kingdom of AdventiStan

    Folks are free to think whatever they want; and stay here on Adventistan or not. I find this site and the people I have met here to be delightful (for the most part) to the point that this is my cyber-church. I spend more time here than I do at my home "bricks and mortar church. I am glad to financially support this site. I'm thankful to Stan for his administration. This site beats the heck out of Face-Book and Twitter!
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    Graphic Quotes

  38. 4 points

    Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary # 24

    I do.
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    What is the purpose of church membership?

    I was pretty limited in how i viewed the world and the church, the righteous and the unrighteous in my twenties. My closeness to my church family was so precious to me, and was a commodity i could not find out there. Then I lived through a baptism of distress and years of suffering to the point where I questioned my position as a child of God. This was the crucible where i learned I was a member of the human race that was loved by God whether it was in the glory of the comforts of life or in the pits of human despair. It was amazing to me that there was never a time when I was not above being tested and tempted to distrust God's love. I still have limitations, and church as a body of people has limitations. How we relate and live with those limitations as church members, present or former... seems to be much about where we find ourselves in relation to our involvement with Church membership. I run into good strong members, staunch financial supporters of Church, needed and valued for their contributions, but personally cold as ice. They see everything as it truly is, just ask them. Then i meet warm friendly church members whose lives are series of unravelings, who are holding onto the promises, though emotionally ravaged by wave after wave of uncertainties. That these two groups tolerate each other... is impressive. Then there is another group that have all the intricacies of faith and religion intellectually smoothed out ready to train anyone's mind, they are the technical religious geeks, and they are over there sometimes on the right sometimes on the left. Among many other groups, young families, educators, medicals folks, poverty stricken, addicts, aged, there are those who are trying to feed the world, evangelize the world, change the world. I recognize some holding everyone's hand they are somewhere over on the left.... God alone could be in charge of His church. At different stages of our lives church meets different needs. It is one body of people through all the ages, they are the faithful. And sometimes we are distant from church even when we are attending. I believe sometimes we are very much the church when we are not present at church services week after week. My church family lives in me. The church in history lives in me. The bible characters of faith, failing at times, strong in faith at times, live in me. There have been horrible times for the church, and few public glorious victorious rejoicing times, that portend a better day. However the church appeared, it has always been divinely appointed and sustained, and preserved. I am thankful for the light that has shined on my life through members of "the church". I want to be that light for someone else.
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    B/W Photodude

    Moral Outrage is self-serving...

    Like it has been said regarding the black and white of online communication and the ease with which people misinterpret another's comments, I also tend to think we miss the non-verbal communication of Jesus when he did the things and said the things he did. When he called the Pharisees hypocrites we may believe that he was angry with them. But if you look at the totality of how he spoke of people, I suspect he was full of sorrow and yearning for the souls of these people. In fact, it even broke through when he wept over Jerusalem. His disciples, they would get morally outraged and Jesus would call them on it. So, I try and keep in mind when reading him calling the Pharisees "hypocrites" that inwardly he felt sorrow because he loved them also and would even die for them too. And don't you think he would even welcome Annias and Caiphas into Heaven if they had repented and become converted after Jesus had returned to heaven. All Heaven, undoubtedly, would have rejoiced. (It could happen!)
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    Portrait Print

    From the album: Nan

    A professional portrait of Sammy and I.
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