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    B/W Photodude

    Political Islam

    It is very difficult for anyone to really have a true picture of what is happening almost anywhere else, because you are dependent on someone else's word for it. And big media is the last to really trust on that matter. So, you pick thru the news trying to find the truth and you read history to find a reference. But even history is subject to revisionism. Even America's history is currently under assault by the revisionists trying to retell a story of some place they have never been (in time). So, you cannot really swallow anything anyone tells you, you only take it under consideration until you find more out and revise your viewpoints as needed. This really becomes important as a mode of operation when it comes to the gospel. Even in practice, many want to run around the world trying to fix things in far away places when there are needs in their very own towns. It is also hard enough to really have a picture of events in your own town. So, in the end, you are sort of stuck with what you can witness and what you can immediately do in your situation. However, we live in a world of dissemblers and truth is hard to come by for how to believe and what to do to help even in your immediate circles. So, does that mean ignore what is going on in the world? No. You just do your best to create a picture out of the info you rely on. Oh! And seriously study your Scripture and those theologians you have come to trust. Keep in mind that every individual is a separate universe with their own paradigms.
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    B/W Photodude

    When will Iran attack our (US) fleet?

    I have read a number of authors who have written regarding the theology of the end times. Their stories are different from Ellen White, but they do not contradict her writings. It just adds understanding and can be referenced back to the Bible and to her writings. One of the problems you (generic) have is you can either accept that she received special instruction through visions and dreams or she is not true. While it is true that some of her views seem to have changed, I suspect that sometimes they are said to have changed by those who wish to discredit her. Very early on in her writings (1850s) she was speaking of the three members of the Godhead. The Holy Spirit was not a later "invention". In many ways, her ministry has come under attack in order to "make of none effect" what she wrote. One other point is that the Christian church had a long way to go to clarify doctrines as Protestant movement came out of the medieval church. Much had to be discarded and redeveloped. Some things did not get clarified until even after the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist church. I note sometimes that with many prophets in the Bible, their testimony is so short and we call them minor prophets. But really? That is the only thing they ever had to say for God? I suspect that many of them had far more writings and testimony than what made it into the Bible. Some of the famous prophets of the Bible did not get any of their writings into the scripture record (Iddo). Are they then not important? Unfortunately, some who wish to discredit Ellen White are also just tripping over the mistakes of her "supporters." She made it very clear that she was not to replace the Bible and even noted that if people would study their Bibles more, much of what she had to write would have been unnecessary.
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    B/W Photodude

    Faith and works

    When I review the data regarding children and children's protective services, it is disturbing. Over half of all children will never return to the home they were removed from. There is a great need out there for foster/adoptive homes for children. Unfortunately, it seems many of the very young get taken and there are many in the teen years with no one to call their own. The man in the video specialized in the most tragic of the children, those with no families and with no future. Many in need of homes also have disabilities which are not life threatening. And many more have no disability over just being born into a home where they could not be cared for. https://www.adoptuskids.org In my part of the country, meth is a huge problem and the fallout is many children now need homes. They advertise everywhere for people to take in kids including leaving flyers on the doors of the church. So, that is another mission field for those so called.
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    Original Teachers’ Notes for Rev 12 (Week 8)

    I share here in blog form my original manuscript of this week’s (February 17-23) Sabbath School Adult Teacher’s Edition for people to compare with the edited version. The changes were not massive or disruptive in most cases. I share my analysis of the changes in the next blog. These comments are related to the standard […] The post Original Teachers’ Notes for Rev 12 (Week 8) appeared first on Jon Paulien's Blog. View the full article
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    3 word devotional

    Be not rash
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    B/W Photodude


    I would go cautiously there. It seems you are saying that Adam is the evil (fallen) version of Christ! Sounds disturbingly similar to Koresh's argument. However, I agree that Adam was making a valiant effort for Eve. I think he knew what she had done and resolved to share in whatever would befall her for her misdeed. Ultimate chivalry!
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    B/W Photodude

    Political Islam

    How did I do that? Forgot my point in all the facts. It seems to me that the adherents of Islam have made a practice of "squatting" on the holy sites of other religions as detailed. And where that was not possible, they destroyed those sites they did not like. I refer to the destruction of the 1700 year old Bhudda statutes in Afghanistan.
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    B/W Photodude

    Political Islam

    Well, I had e observed for a long time some of the things mentioned in the text of the original post. Some may wish to disagree, but it is what it is. He discussed how Islam is a political force and has been spreading. That is easily seen in a political and religious way. Europe is getting into a position where they are going to be in real trouble because of Muslim migration. There is no respect of others by many of the migrants and crimes against the "natives" are seemingly acceptable. Women have come under attack with sky rocketing amounts of rapes and sexual assaults, but the feminists in these countries are more concerned about the relatively rare assaults by the native residents. There are even many "no go" zones in some of the cities where the police will not even go. However, in a religious sense, this migration and taking over religiously has been going on for hundreds of years. Three examples - a fees years ago in India, Hindus attacked and destroyed a mosque. What was seldom mentioned was that it was the birthplace of the Hindu god Krishna. Temple Mount in Jerusalem is now the home of the Dome of the Rock mosque. One of the great Christian cathedrals in Turkey was taken over and today we know it as Hag Sofia. (Hag Sofia is today a state museum is I understand correctly.). I have little doubt that if the invasion of Europe in the Middle Ages that the Vatican would not be a Muslim site. No guile? Just the facts, sir! (Channeling Joe Friday from Dragnet!)
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    The Wanderer

    When will Iran attack our (US) fleet?

    I would definitely agree with that!
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    Lone Ranger

    Political Islam

    I think most of us fall into that description. The important thing, IMO, is recognizing it and taking a conscious effort to avoid it.
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    When will Iran attack our (US) fleet?

    I believe that we are quickly closing in on the end of time (as opposed to the time of the end) and the soon coming of Christ. With this frame of mind, I can't help but to watch news events and look at potential ties to end-time prophecy. While I disagree with hch's views of the future and the surety with which he presents them, I think he is sincerely trying to be a faithful watchman. I, too am obsessed with end-time prophecy; so I don't dismiss out of hand certain scenarios for end-time events besides EGW's views. I don't dismiss EGW's views either; she presents a very plausible scenario. It's just that I don't find safety in dismissing every interpretation of end-time prophecy - putting on blinders and looking exclusively at Mrs. White's viewpoint. hch, I apologize for seeming to ridicule you are a person due to your interpretation of things. Although I disagree with it, I should nor ridicule (or be seen as ridiculing) you. I feel like I have recently taken a lot of heat for some of my "outside the box" views, and I don't like it. I doubt if you like it others. I In following Jesus' advice to "do unto others ..." I will do my best not to denigrate you in the future, although I may challenge some of your ideas (although I have little hope of changing your mind on anything). Wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.
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    Leslie NL Miller

    The Conflict Between Science and Religion

    Hello my name is Les Miller and I am a member in good standing of the Airdrie Seventh-day Adventist Church in Airdrie, Alberta Canada. I am messaging you today in the hope the Lord can use me to assist you in your personal evangelism efforts through a multi-part series of YouTube videos I have now uploaded that comment on the conflict between science and Christian faith. Here is part one:
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