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Georgia Judge sent Muslim woman to jail for WHAT?

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On December 17, a judge in Georgia ordered a Muslim woman to spend 10 days in jail for refusing to remove her head scarf while in the courtroom. She had violated a court policy prohibiting any kind of head covering, but said she felt that her human and civil rights were violated. This isn't the first time this has happened in a courtroom, and it has us wondering - how difficult is it really for people who wear a religious head covering or other type of obvious cultural garment?

Are you one of the many people around the world who wears a religious or cultural garment? We want to hear from you. Tell us how it impacts your daily life and how you feel others react towards it. Your story could be told on CNN.


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The issue I have seen in the past is when the Islamic head covering covers the face and makes the person unrecognizable. Some Muslims fought for Islamic women to have the right to wear a head scarf that covered their face for a driver's license picture and lost their case.

It would make sense that in a court room the jury be able to see and identify the witnesses, defendant and other such parties. If the woman was just an observer in the court room I see no reason why she should have to remove her head covering.

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At the dmv, or dps, where I work, I encounter this issue all the time. The thing you try to avoid as much as possible is trying to force a muslim woman to remove her head covering to take a driver license picture. You may, however, see the same woman the next day wearing her hair down and in a mini skirt, walking outside the building. I've seen that also.

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