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Where's the Beef?


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I never thought I would see the day that dgrimm60 would pass John317 on the Top Posters List but he has.

There is something wrong here. He is fast approaching ME.

We need something nice and juicy with plenty of controversy to talk about. Things are just too slow around here.

Where's the beef?

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Hey Redwood,

I have an idea. What if Stan were to invite your pastor to an Interview? One of the conditions is that no one could ask her any questions about you or her personal life at home. Would that be OK?

All of the questions would have to do with doctrine, women in the ministry, and her experiences as a student at Andrews and as an SDA pastor.

What do you think?

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Might be a way to get Neil.D. involved in the Interview.

Hummmmmmm.....I dont know that my getting involved in the interview is a good idea... I would probably limit myself to ask about the poppies presence and Blance's involvement in the distrubution of those same poppies. ...and what the church knows and appreciates about those poppies... you know, just the investigating reporting that we do here at ClubAdventist....

[need a reporter icon typing here]

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Thing is, I have noticed that conversation is sometimes slow in here. But if we all plan to add some time for here then this would be more active. Since I am going to church I am hoping to get more people to come here. :)

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I'll try. But it is kind of hard because most guys who spend time on forums. (Like me!:)) don't always like to talk ONLY about God. So I will try and tell them how nice the people are here and stuff.

P.S Do you like my new avatar?

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JOHN317 could be in 2nd place again he is not far

behind me now.... but like I SAID it is not me that you

should be concerned with COSMIN....he has been here at

the forum for 3 weeks he is in the top 5 in the 30 day

column....now he may not reach us in the top poster

column but he could over take all of us in the 30 day



Yes. That Cosmin man does concern me.

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