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Well, I've been slipping in the charts ... just like Obama. I got to number 19 (nearly off the charts) and then decided I would have to rebound and get going with my posts. So, I hope to climb a little. Will Obama? I doubt it. His recent killing of the fly was the last straw. Okay ... off topic.

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Okay .... who took me totally off the chart. I want a re-count.

I no longer exist. It is as if I never posted here.

Why do I get NO credit for my efforts.

Yesterday I tried to post more and yet today .... I no longer exist.


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Stan, I'm pretty sure he's referring to his name not being on the top posters in the past 30 days list.

Yes. Thanks GLG. Sorry Stan if there was confusion for this issue. I have no problem posting technically. Like GLG said .... I am just going through a slow period and thus have been knocked off the top posters chart.


But I am determined to make up for it and rise to the top eliet posters like Dgrimm and pk.

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Thanks for noticing dgrimm. I'm workin' hard at it. Soon I plan to be restored to my rightful place on top. (No disrespect to what you have accomoplished ... I just like being on top.)

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