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Post Hogs Counting Thread

Outta Here

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A thread specifically for racking up post count!

Rules are simple:

Guys: +1 to the previous post.

Gals: -1 from the previous post.

No consecutive posting by one member.

First post starts at 0.

First group of guys or gals to get to the absolute value of 1000 wins!


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Are we bored?

I guess we have to keep track ourselves. That's the only reason I posted. To see how the scoring works. It seems a little unfair.


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Joe! No, you don't have to keep track...

Your post should have added one to the previous post...it should have read:

-6 (because -7 +1 = -6)

But now that I'm here again... I add a -1 to your -6 and that brings us back to:


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dgrimm60, your post was +1 to Neil's.

-7 +1 = -6

My post, following yours:

-6 -1 = -7

(And I see no reason why women should "win" this thread. Look to your right. See that list of top posters in the past 30 days? Of those top posters, 14 are men, 6 are women. Seems to me that men would "win" this with a landslide.)

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hey Doug...you might make it to the top with this one....and soundly put the women ...um...er...ah,...in thier place... [neil quietly moves to his rock to avoid tomatoes coming toward him]

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