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Standing up for the Philidelphia 4

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Is this a serious case of religious intolerance in America?

Check it out:


Video of their arrest can be viewed from:





"First, symbols of Christianity are removed from the public square; now, Christians are facing 47 years in prison because they preached the gospel in the public square. Stalin would be proud," Brian Fahling, AFA Center for Law and Policy senior trial attorney, said in a statement.

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia denied emergency relief earlier this week despite video footage Fahling calls "undisputed evidence" that shows the Christians cooperating with police and being harassed by the Pink Angels.

Fahling's group says the Philadelphia city prosecutor in the case, Charles Ehrlich, attacked the defendants as "hateful" and referred to preaching the Bible as "fighting words," a characterization, the law group says, with which Judge Meehan agreed.

Charges were dropped against the remaining seven Christians, apparently because they were not seen quoting Scripture on the videotape.

The ethnic intimidation charge stems from Pennsylvania's "hate crimes" law – to which the newest "victim" category of "sexual orientation" was recently added.

Since when is it a "hate crime" to carry Bibles and posters with Scripture as "weapons" of choice? Interesting.

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Hate-crimes law infringes on 1st Amendment?

Group decries 'ethnic intimidation' charge against Philly Christians


A pro-family group in Pennsylvania is taking to task legislators who promised that adding "sexual orientation" to the state's hate-crimes law would not infringe upon the First Amendment rights of Christians.

The American Family Association of Pennsylvania points to the arrest and charging of five Christian who evangelized at a Philadelphia homosexual event. One of the charges the protesters face is "ethnic intimidation," possible only because "sexual orientation" was added to the hate-crimes law in 2002.

"Our prediction of the arrest of Christians under this law became true in October. We are now asking for an explanation from legislators who voted in favor of the bill. Secondly, for the protection of Pennsylvanians' free-speech rights, we are asking for a repeal of the law signed by Governor Mark Schweiker on Dec. 3, 2002," Diane Gramley, president of the pro-family group, said in a statement.

In November 2002, the Pennsylvania Legislature changed the hate-crimes law, adding "actual or perceived sexual orientation" and "gender or gender identity." AFA says legislators at the time assured concerned Pennsylvanians that the additions would not stifle the free-speech rights of Christians who criticize the homosexual lifestyle.

At the time of the debate, legislators claimed the law would be used only in the case of physical harm.

Full article:


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