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Kingdom of Adventistan

Religious liberty and freedom

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Should it be allowed, as long as it agrees with what we believe?

Type s l o w when you respond.

N o r i g h t i s a b s o l u t e, u n d e r a n y g o v e r n m e n t, a n y w h e r e, n o r a t a n y t i m e. N o r c o u l d i t b e.

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Saudi Arabia is not a shining example of religious liberty. If a Catholic believer was to immigrate to a nation and that nation's laws did not allow him or her to partake in the eucharist that would be a violation of religious liberty.

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For many years, there were "dry" counties in Texas. That didn't mean that a person who was arrested for selling alcohol was opressed. Neither would someone who chooses to emigrate to Saudi Arabia. Whether it is a shining example or not.

A person who chooses to emigrate to another country cannot violate the laws of that country and cry "I'm opressed." There are countries where polygamy is permitted. No doubt our polygamist came from one such. Emigrating presents a person with a series of choices. Expecting your new country to accommodate every one of your desires is unrealistic. If it doesn't allow what you choose, then don't go there.

Someone who just has to have alcohol on a regular basis should not go to Saudi Arabia. Someone who wants to practice polygamy should not go to a country where it is illegal.

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