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2 Tenets of Atheism


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But this is part of your problem - using the example of a president like this to illustrate "christianity."

I haven't been using a broad brush. My point is that Christianity doesn't guarantee a better outcome. We see the same old things.

It is Christians that are claiming that they have the only true way. To me it looks like one way for certain individuals.

It may work for you and that's fine. But Christianity seems to believe that the whole world needs to believe like they do, otherwise god will kill you. And some extend that to the imperative to kill you now.

I think it is better to simply say that I don't know. That way I will explore what works for me and I'll agree not to impose it on you. If you happen to observe success in my life then you can ask me what I have discovered and I can tell you, with no obligation to agree or to follow it.

It's pretty much that way now, but I would like it to stay that way and the public voice of a large group of Christians thinks they know what I should believe better than I and want the government to enforce that view.

It's fairly large majority in this country and they are easily manipulated as evidenced by the election of said president Bush.

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