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Workplace Religious Freedom Act Under Attack

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The ACLU Attacks Key Religious Liberty Bill Again

In recent weeks the ACLU has wrongly criticized the Workplace Religious Freedom Act, claiming it will lead to civil rights violations. These claims are false. Rather, the Workplace Religious Freedom Act is critical to advancing the fundamental right of freedom of religion and combating discrimination, and is balanced to ensure other rights are not harmed in the process.

Write to Congress now. It's easy. Go HERE


(in rainy PA, where everyone else is asleep, and I'm on Colliefornyah time)

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I have my doubts about religious liberty in this country. "We the people" is becoming "We the American Corporations"....

Yes the people vote, but Corporate America rules at the end of the day. In the end their "special interests" groups call the shots....They call it donations, I call it bribery!

So in the end "money talks".....Corporate America is not interested in your work related religious liberty...they are solely interested in profits! "The love of money" will cause us to lose our freedoms. That's where we are going....

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