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A Question for Dr. Walter J. Veith

Nic Samojluk

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Overage wrote:

I am afraid you have simply generated an aggressive conspiracy theory on this subject Nic. I won't try to convince you or argue with you about it; but I know people all across canada, and in the USA; and this problem is not a tenth as widespread as you intimate; neither does anyone I know support abortion, not matter what church i go to or who in the world I talk to. …

I know of several instances where the current suggested guidelines on abortion have prevented abortions, because of the emphasis on seeking other support so that unplanned for/unwanted babies can live. It's OK to disagree with abortions, but not to blame everyone for the sins of a few.


I have a question for you: How widespread did I say the problem was? Can you quote me on this? Perhaps you can’t. Therefore I will state here what I have said and properly documented in the past: According to a report filed by Dr. Gerald Winslow and published by “Ministry” five hospitals were offering elective abortions several years ago. If you want me to document this again, I will.

I have also described how a trusted former hospital secretary who I can identify, but won’t unless she authorizes me to do this, related to me how when she was working for a Loma Linda University Medical Center physician, the doctor was doing abortions all day long, and he was labeling those abortions as therapeutic. “I can’t believe that there were so many therapeutic abortions. They were abortions on demand.”

Yesterday, I asked a blogger I have known for many years if she could identify the hospital she had worked for where a similar experience had taken place, and she posted her answer on my Facebook web page the answer for all to see: “Washington Adventist Hospital” [WAH]. She lives in Washington, she is a nurse, and she is on record saying that at said hospital they were performing elective abortions and labeling them as therapeutic.

I do agree with you that our Adventist Guidelines have done some good. We hardly ever encounter pure evil in the world. No one will try to sell pure poison. All you need in a glass of pure water is a drop of poison. This is why those guidelines are so dangerous. You find there a perfect mixture of lofty statements describing how precious human life is, but then introducing a long list of exceptions to the “Do not kill” mandate that the Sixth Commandment becomes meaningless.

A good example is the “Mental Health Exemption” I have alluded to. That exemption perfectly matches the demand of abortionists. Said exception has opened the door for abortions on demand. All a pregnant woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy needs to say to the abortionist is: “I am terribly depressed and I can sleep” and another human life is sacrificed on the altar of convenience. A mental depression is temporary, but the results of an abortion are permanent and irreversible.

Historian George Gainer wrote in one of our Adventist publications some years ago what took place at our WAH. A couple went for an appointment with a physician there and the first question the doctor asked was: “Do you want to keep the baby?” That was before performing any test to discover whether the baby was normal or not. The couple got up and said: “I think we got the wrong hospital,” and left in disgust. You probably would do well to read my book first and analyze the evidence before reaching any conclusion regarding the quality of my mission.

I am not blaming everyone. I am blaming those who allowed this evil to exist with the knowledge of the church. The existence of abortions on demand in several Adventist hospitals is well documented in the pages of our Adventist publications. I have invented nothing. If you think that I have exaggerated anything, please quote me on it and I will be happy to correct in the event there is anything not factual.

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On 11/9/2011 at 11:29 AM, Stan said:

Nic, I do have to say you are vigilant and passionate on this. :)


Vieth does say a lot of interesting things, my personal experiences is that he splits churches with his conspiracy paranoia.

That's what truth does.  :)

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On 11/10/2011 at 1:57 AM, Overaged said:

What kind of conspiracy theries does he promote?

True ones, just as the Bible and sop support

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On 11/11/2011 at 1:47 AM, John317 said:



I have only seen a few videos of Vieth, and while I don't accept everything he says in his tapes regarding the King James Version, etc., I do think he has a lot of valuable things to say on many subjects.


There's a local church here (in Southern California) which gives out all his videos on CDs, and he's spoken in that church a number of times before, yet I haven't seen any evidence of the church splitting.


What conspiracy paranoia has he shown that causes churches to split?


And what churches have split?



I don't think any church splits over him, they simply prohibit veith from speaking.   This is what truth spoken, does.  It seperates those that want to hear truth from those that refuse truth.   They love to slam veith, but yet they can't justify their stances against him.      The Bible and sop are full of conspiracies.    Nehemiah, Lucifer, Daniel, Joseph's brothers.  All stories of conspiracies.   We battle against powers and principalities and they are stronger and smarter than us humans

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Lock, I have removed one of your posts from view.  In this forum we allow considerable freedom of discussion.  However, we expect some level of civil discourse.  One of our expectations is that people will argue their viewpoint and your attacks on a person with whom you disagree went beyond what is acceptable and contributed nothing to the advancement of your ideas.

In addition, you are presenting some viewpoints which we have closed off for discussion in this forum.  The issue of abortion and the SDA church has been extensively discussed in this forum.  Stan has requested that issue be generally closed off.


In addition, i have removed a couple of your posts which were duplicate of a previous post, which I left in place.



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