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Rush to Sunday Legislation

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I don't expect a rush to Sunday legislation until Satan appears as an angel of light or as Christ. However I see the stage being set by the extreames at both ends of the spectrum. (however I am avoiding discussion on the specfics of that right now)

The church tends to go to extreames itself on this subject. Either it is the topic of every other sermon or it is rarely preached at all. While I believe end time results are important and I completely embrace the Adventist understanding of Scripture in regard to it, greater importance needs to be placed on our interhuman relationships. How do we treat others? How do we impact the lives of others? And that starts, of course, in the home. Some say the only thing you can take to heaven is your charachter. That isn't completely true. We can take relationships too.

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I've always wondered about this notion of Satan "appearing as an angel of light". We know scripture states that IN GENERAL he does this -- it is a principle or metaphor indicating the capacity to deceive and sounding a warning that we be on guard concerning what we attribute to being of Christ -- but nowhere is it stated in scripture that some singular such manifestation will come at the end of time. I know EGW has a scenario about that in The Great Controversy but I always thought it was -- you know -- just too easy, too contrived a scenario. I wonder if such a thing is even necessary OR would even be permitted by God.

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