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Kingdom of Adventistan

A list of SDA offshoots

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On 5/13/2013 at 7:30 AM, debbym said:


Is club adventist an offshoot?


it is a forum, a place where people of all kinds of views, converse.

Never found “ the list!”

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According to National Geographic "The Lord Our Righteousness" Cult is an SDA Offshoot.

"Oh my Daddy I need you" is attributed to "Wayne Bent" who claims he is "Michael Christ" and also affirms the right to consummate the marriage supper of the Lamb by engaging in sexual acts with the members wives and underaged girls. 


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I have heard of this guy and many others. Unfortunately, many others exist within the church. I might also mention misbehaving priests with boys happens in the Roman church, not to mention all the nuns who found out that being the bride of Christ was more than they thought. I find it strangely interesting how some of these people manage to integrate molestation with church activities.

Better to just ponder the lesson of the wheat and the tares. And "ask who plants the tares?" And also ask, "if Satan was really into wrecking the church of God, is this not one of the ways he would do it." Why are we even surprised it happens?

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11 hours ago, The Wanderer said:

Well Id be hooped if I had to live there. No sneaking off to McDonalds for a milk shake.

Thats right!

As I understood it - the nearest town is 50 miles away from the compound. You'd have to REALLY want a milkshake from the Golden Arches to go on an odyssey like that.

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5 minutes ago, The Wanderer said:

I could do that in two days by bicycle. Hmmm, let me see. How many milk shakes would I need. lol

LoL! I’m a fan of malts / milkshakes but not enough to drive 50 miles for one  - let alone bike. 

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Gregory Matthews

When I was in High School (Academy for SDAs) a friend and I rode our bicycles from  Wawona (in Yosemite National Park) to Modesto, California.  We basically pushed our bikes up the road to get out of the valley and then spent a night sleeping in sleeping bags in a farmers field.  As a result, we got our pictures in the Modesto Bee.

The total distance we rode was about 110 to 120 miles.  We arrived on the 2nd day.


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An legitimate independent ministry is not at odds with the Church.   

My definition of an offshoot is: 

1) they have a particular “truth” that they feel God has compelled than to share, 
2) they are extremely critical of the mainline SDA leadership,
3) they KJVOnly, and 

4) they will accept your title money instead of you sending it to a local SDA church or conference. 



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