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Advent Christian Church

It may come as a surprise to some that another denomination of today finds its roots in the Millerite movement, i.e. the Advent Christian Church.

I became aware of this denomination in Nova Scotia. Just South of the Annapolis Valley, nestled in a quaint little valley is the town of Bear River. One of the largest congregations in the town is that of the Advent Christian Church. I met the pastor of the church at the Adventist bookmobile when it came to the nearby town of Digby.

Apparently, William Miller's message reached into Nova Scotia.

This thread will focus on the Advent Christian Church, its history and relation to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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I was once told that the Millerites after the Great Disappointment were influenced by a Seventh Day Baptist lady called Rachel Oakes Preston to accept the truth of the Seventh Day Sabbath, which a number of Millerites did and they over time became the Seventh Day Adventist Church. There were however a smaller group that rejected Oakes message of the Sabbath and they became the Advent Christian Church linked above.

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