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Honorable mention - Individual Adventists in the News

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Honorable mention - Individual Adventists in the News

This thread focuses on notable Adventists; those who achieve in their personal field of expertise.

Why? Adventism is like a family. Just as a family takes note of those who have been successful; so the church family often does the same.

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Frank Jobe's Hall of Fame life

The originator of Tommy John surgery has just about done it all

July 27 Dr. Frank Jobe was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

...The doctor thumbs through obituaries and sees the ages of the deceased, usually between 70 and 90. He says he tries not to think about it, and Bev likes that strategy. She reminds him that the plan is for him to live until he's 110. And after that? Who knows? He doesn't see much evidence that life goes on beyond. He often says his religion, while technically Seventh Day Adventist, is more about how you treat your fellow man...


Dr. Frank Jobe, others honoured at baseball Hall of Fame



1. How many Adventists do you know who relate to religion like Dr. Jobe?

2. It would be interesting to visit with Dr. Jobe and have him share his current views of faith and service.

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