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Here are some articles that have been written regarding Edward Allred:




I have read and heard in numerous sources, including Adventist sources, that Edward Allred claimed to have personally performed at least 250,000 abortions, and he even said that he wanted to abort black and Hispanic children especially, so they wouldn't be a drain on society. 

He even advertised in Spanish, offering Hispanic women discounts that were not offered in English advertisements. 

Can anyone please tell me why La Sierra University named its department of entrepreneurship after a notorious abortion doctor?

Even people who are prochoice on the issue of abortion have, throughout the years, refused to be associated with him, because of the racial comments he's made, of specifically wanting to abort black and Hispanic children.  

Is there a wholesome, Biblically sound reason that can be given as to why La Sierra University named its department of entrepreneurship after Allred?

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In contrast, here is a montage of Adventist leaders making pro-life statements, including Ted Wilson:

And let's not forget Ben Carson:


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I called the GC a few days ago to find out their position on abortion and was transferred to the voicemail of the Health Miniseries. I'm still waiting for the Health Ministries to return my call.

I also called the public relations department of La Sierra University, and I am waiting for a wholesome, Biblically sound explanation as to why their department of entrepreneurship was named after Edward Allred. 

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