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Moderation in the Religious LIberty Thread

Gregory Matthews

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Stan has asked be to fill a Moderator role in Club Adventist.  I have agreed to moderate the Religious Liberty section.  I may (?) accept other sections to moderate.  But, for now, I am only moderating this section.  With the move to the new software, I am experiencing a learning curve as are many of you.  So, I doubt that I will be able to answer questions related to the current software.  Now, on top of that, I am learning how I can exercise my role as a Moderator.   I thought that I would use this post to share with you a bit about me, who I am, why I am here an my approach to Moderation.




I am here in Club Adventist because I see it as ministry.  If the time ever comes when I feel that I can no longer do ministry here, I will leave.

As I look at the people who post here, I consider some to be solid members of the SDA Church, some to be members who are struggling with their membership, some who are not members and want to know more about the SDA Church and others who simply want to challenge what they believe are our beliefs and practices.  Within all of these groups are people who want to socialize.

I welcome all of the above.  I count them to be sincere and I hope that we can be of help to them.  I do not see my role in any of this to be that of convincing them of truth.  I attempt to share with others what the Bible says, when I believe that is what they want to know.  But, I leave it to their personal study and the Holy Spirit to lead them away from error and into truth.  I do not consider myself to be a theologian and I do not do very well in that role.  So, I will not assume that role.




A key issue for me is that people present their view in a positive manner in which they do not attack others and groups.  I understand the gospel to be a positive message.  I believe that every  doctrine that we as a denomination have can be presented in a positive manner.   We do not have to attack other people and denominations.   God has not given us the roll of determining the salvation of other people.  God may have a truth.  But, if the Holy Spirit has not convinced a person of that truth, they are not in a state of rebellion against God.  We cannot know what the Holy Spirit has convicted another person of.  I strongly suspect that when we get to heaven we will see people there whom we did not expect to be there.   Expect me to look closely at how we related to other people and denominations in our posts.

NOTE:  At the same time, I do speak frankly.    I think that it may be better at times to speak frankly than it would be to edit or remove what a person has said.


I was a Moderator some years back in CA.   Some of your old ones may remember that.  At that time, I did edit spelling and other obvious typos.  As I write this, I do not know how to edit a person’s post.  In the past, when I did that, I always identified that I had done so.   If I do any such, I will clearly identify that I have done so.  I think it important not to change the thought that the person is attempting to present.  I will not knowingly change anyone’s thought.


As a Moderator, I have the power to hide, and remove posts.  I would rather not do that.  My preference would be to remove the offending part and leave the rest.  But, at the present I do not know how to do that.   So, as much as I can I will simply respond to the offending part and I may be frank in doing so.  As much as possible, I will want to allow a person to say what they want to say, without editing on my part.

I expect to be involved in posting.  In my role as Moderator, I will bend over backwards not to inhibit people who disagree with what I said.  I intend to give you a lot of  freedom to disagree with me.


I trust that this says a bit about me and my role as Moderator.


One last point:  Religious Liberty is an issue of major interest to me.  However, I hold views on this subject that others may not hold. When I express my views, feel free to disagree with

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Thank you Pam.


On another point:  I am beginning my role as Moderator today.  I do not intend to review past posts, unless forced to do so by a new post.  Whatever has been posted in the past in this thread has been posted and I do not intend to review it as a Moderator.

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