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NAD NewsPoints- WWU Bs. School in 96th Percentile, New series for Jesus 101, 60 years of It Is Written, What if?, Ideas for ministry and compassion

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The 2015 Walla Walla University School of Business graduating class scored in the 96th percentile on the Major Field Test in Business (MFT). Approximately 69,000 senior business students from 563 business schools across the nation took the test. A score in the 96th percentile means that 96 percent of business students taking the MFT scored lower than WWU business students. MORE

The Jesus 101 Biblical Institute is taping a new series, "Chosen: Trusting God's Purpose for my Life," this January. The new television series will be a lively interaction featuring Jesus 101’s Speaker-Director, Dr. Elizabeth Talbot, with special guest Pastor Mike Tucker, Speaker-Director of Faith For Today. The series will be available for viewing beginning the second quarter of 2016 on Hope Channel. Visit the Jesus 101 website to get the latest updates from the ministry at www.Jesus101.tv.

It Is Written (IIW) will celebrate 60 years of soul-winning media evangelism this year, and as part of their celebration have chosen a new logo — a modern adaptation of the iconic quill. The quill represents the pen of inspiration that inscribed the sacred Scriptures and represents the work of medieval scribes who reproduced the biblical text. The solid, classic blue represents the dignity and strength of It Is Written’s message. The vibrant gold adds energy and forward movement. In addition, it works well for the Spanish ministry, Escrito Está

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If an active shooter entered your church, would your congregation know what to do? Do your children know what to do if lost or if someone attempts to abduct them? Has your church prepared for an emergency evacuation in the event of a fire? Responding appropriately in an emergency is vital to minimizing loss. Safety SabbathMarch 26, will feature three drills you can use to prepare your church for emergencies. Adventist Risk Management has provided special guidelines for Safety Sabbath to help you to host it.





If you or your church could use inspiration and an abundance of ideas for outreach ministries and acts of compassion, there are nine free pamphlets in English, French and Spanish provided by NAD Women's Ministries that fulfill this purpose. Although designed for women, they include ideas that would be adaptable for men and youth groups as well. Included are 60 Great Ideas for Women's Ministries, Woman to Woman (friendship evangelism), Nurturing New Members, Young Women's Ministries, Heart Call (reconnecting), "God in Shoes" (acts of kindness to demonstrate God's love), and others. Download or request print copies.



Stay connected with Jesus 101 on the free mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Search for Jesus 101 to download the app. The app offers free daily one-minute devotionals, biblical studies, videos on demand, audio books, and much more. Download the app, find the "book offer" section, and enter the promo code “NEWSPOINTS” to get a free copy of the Jesus 101book, "Revelation: The Fifth Gospel," mailed to you if in the NAD territory. 





"Reflection is a good thing. We gain from reviewing the past and from seeking to understand the things that have happened and how we can learn from our experiences. How many mistakes could be avoided if we would learn to look at those things that have happened in our past? Failure to review what has happened can lead us into repetitive failures....

"However, too much looking backward as a church and too much individual dwelling on ourselves in the pool of the past can cause us to fall flat on our spiritual faces. Fixating on what we might call the ‘good old days’ can block out the glorious vision of what God has yet to accomplish for His church in the future. Focusing on our mistakes, our failures and our losses as individuals can serve to fix our attention so intensely upon ourselves that we shut out the light that God wants to shine on us."  - NAD President Daniel R. Jackson


Reaching Out in Love

For Sharing! 

Did you know God is our advocate and judge?



There is a sanctuary in heaven, the true tabernacle which the Lord set up and not man. In it Christ ministers on our behalf, making available to believers the benefits of His atoning sacrifice offered once for all on the cross. He was inaugurated as our great High Priest and began His intercessory ministry at the time of His ascension.....  MORE

Watch the 90: second video on Vimeo

People want to know what Seventh-day Adventists believe. Each topic on the My Way to Jesus website links to a video, an invitation to study the Bible, the Find-a-Church Directory, a link for kids to My Place with Jesus, a place to send prayer requests, and more. You can easily post the videos and information on your church website and/or share the updates from the My Way to Jesus Facebook pageLearn how.

January 13, 2016
Jan. 17-23, Religious Liberty Week

February Focus: Family Life
Feb. 6-27, Black History Month
Feb. 13, Christian Marriage Sabbath
Feb. 13, Health Ministries Sabbath
Feb. 13-20, Christian Home and Marriage Week
Feb. 20, Christian Parenting Sabbath

January Offerings
Jan. 23, Religious Liberty

February Offerings
Feb. 13, Adventist Television Ministries

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources

Sample Offertory Readings
(in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French)


Upcoming Events


Feb. 12, Marriage Vows: Living the Commitment 

Feb. 17-20, Just Claim It Youth Prayer Conference

Feb. 19-20, Making Love Last - Married Couples' Retreat

Feb. 24-28, GAiN - Global Adventist Internet Network Conference

Mar. 26, Safety Sabbath

Apr. 2-4, SONscreen Film Festival

Apr. 2-9, La Voz de la Esperanza NET via  Esperanza TV (in Spanish)

Apr. 3-8, Tour de Youth, "The Big Easy"

Apr. 16, 17, Day of Hope and Compassion

Apr. 18-21, Nonprofit Leadership Convention, Session 1

Apr. 24-27, HR Conference & Secretariat Council, Minneapolis, Minn.

Apr. 27-30, Your Best Pathway to Health/Los Angeles  

Apr. 29 - May 1, Oregon Men's Summit

May13-16, World Congress for Deaf & Deaf-Blind

July 21-23, Adventist Conference on Family Research and Practice

Aug. 3-6, ASI 2016 Convention

Sept. 7-10, Adventist Community Services Convention, Gladstone, Ore.

Sept. 28-Oct., Health Summit Canada

Oct. 10-13, Nonprofit Leadership Convention, Session 2

Oct. 13-15, Society of Adventist Communicators Convention

Nov. 18-19, HE SAID GO Missions Conference


Jan. 8-11, 2017 - Adventist Ministries Convention, Tucson, AZ


NAD Feature: From Karachi to California, by Jane Allen Quevedo, p. 36

NAD News: Adventist Conducts Community Benefit Concert, Community Joins to Support Syrian Refugees, Craving God on Campus, p. 10

NAD Update: Called to Collaborate - Catching the vision of cooperative action,
 p. 14

NAD Perspective: The Path Ahead, by Daniel R. Jackson p.17





Month of January, 2016 
Pray for the Atlantic Union, in which there are 579 churches and 116,252 members. 
Jan. 10-16 – This coming week, please pray for the Northeastern Conference with 179 churches and 55,554  members.

Download the 2016 NAD Prayer Calendar Guide


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