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Start Your Own Satellite Evangelism Without Installing A Single Dish

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My wife and I have been installing the SDAdish satellite systems for many years now. We have so many stories as to how families have been blessed that we could right a book and maybe we will.

But today what I want to share with you is that you can start your very own satellite evangelism ministry without having to struggle with the hassles of installing a satellite dish. The brand new SDAdish HDVR3500 receivers with IPTV video streaming capabilities only require high speed internet. Our SDAdish HDVR3500 receiver comes already pre-programmed with all the channels ready to go. You will not require to establish an account like Roku or providing a credit cards just in case you want to purchase something later on with your Roku. Our SDAdish HDVR3500 receiver has been performing much better than the Roku boxes, we know this because lately we have been getting calls from customers that are replacing their Roku units because their programs continue to get interrupted to buffer reload and play.  Our experience has been that our SDAdish HDVR3500 receivers do a better job at streaming do to the 16GB internal memory and faster processing capabilities.

Okay your provably wondering what you would have to do to install one of the SDAdish HDVR3500 receivers?

Here is all you do to install the SDAdish HDVR3500 receiver:

1. You screw in the WIFI antenna unto the rear of the receiver and login to the WIFI network or plug in a cad5 cable to the router.

2. Plug in the HDMI cable or AV cables to the TV, set the input selection on the TV to HDMI or AV to view the SDAdish HDVR3500 receiver.

3. Plug in the power supply to the wall.

4. Turn on the SDAdish HDVR3500 receiver and wait for the receiver to boot up. Press the IPTV button, then a window will appear with all the Adventist channels and many other networks for your choosing.

5. Get acquainted with the person or family, then offer them a bible study and/or invite them to church.

If this is something that you could do in your community as an outreach ministry let us now?  Visit our website to learn more about our equipment and give us a call.  We even have a free online video to help you connect the SDAdish HDVR3500 receiver to a WIFI network.  Ask the Lord if this ministry is right for you and then visit our website below.

Go to: http://sdadish.townvustore.com/detail.php?product=59&category_id=18



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