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Washington and the Catholics

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I've been reading a book titled The Return of George Washington on my Kindle recently.  The book tells how Washington and his compatriots worked their way through all the problems left by the American Revolutionary War - thirteen independent states all jealous of each other, trade barriers between the former colonies, and so on.  But as these men gathered for the Constitutional Convention, they did a curious thing on the first Sunday after the Convention was supposed to start.  All of the Virginia delegates went to church - the Roman Catholic church.  

The book makes it very clear that none of them were Catholics (p. 116), yet they went to show that they appreciated everyone, including this small and persecuted minority (only 35,000 at the time), and that they appreciated the help from French and other Catholics during the Revolution. The book also makes it clear that Catholics were persecuted due to the political involvement of their church.

Just thought it was an interesting sidelight to more common views of history.

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If you find some value to this community, please help out with a few dollars per month.

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