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Any one else really understand this :)

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15% of all primary dementia are vascular dementia.

Cause vascular dementia are small, often consecutiveinfarcts or By-circulatory disorders in the brain.
Vascular dementia can be positively influenced by atreatment with respect to the risk factors smoking, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease anddyslipidemia in its course.

These causes can lead to a secondary dementia:

Chronic intoxication or infections
Vitamin deficiency (B1, B12)
electrolyte changes
lack of oxygen
Metabolic disorders (eg. As thyroid disease)
Renal impairment
Cardiovascular insufficiency
Depression (pseudo-dementia)


It is typical of a dementia that people no longer find their way properly. Here you can observe various forms of disorientation that worsen over time more and more:

Spatial Disorientation: The familiar surroundings and familiar paths are no longer recognized. The simple question "Where am I?" This expresses already made. Necessary actions such as visits to the toilet are often not independently possible.

Temporal disorientation: The dementia patients lose the sense of time of day, time periods or points in time. He can not keep appointments, forgets meals and is possibly on the night.

Situational disorientation: Affected no longer know what reactions in which situations are appropriate.They sometimes seem "restraint" or "no manners".For example, expose them in public, do not hold excessive criticism back or do other things that give offense.

Personale disorientation: Famous people such as spouses, children, friends or even you as a caregiver are not recognized. Also, the knowledge of one's own person may be affected.

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aka    1,484

It was a weird experience walking through these comments. I could identify with all of you and your mental meanderings. What is helping me is having given away lots of items I don't use anymore, lots of books I will not read again, loads of clothes and shoes that will benefit another, and now I have no clutter anywhere in the cottage. Everything has its place and everything is in it's place. I'm seeking to keep it that way. For the sake of not going bezirk looking for something when I need it. Misplacing something is my own fault. I haven't  dementia yet but it might develop eventually. Drinking lots and lots of water each day helps to hydrate the brain as well as body tissues. 

JoeMo is so funny : 

"What are we talking about? Who are you guys?  What time is it?  Never mind."

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