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David Smith has been elected to serve as president of Southern Adventist University.  He will begin on April 4 as president elect, and as president on June 1, replacing Gordon Bietz, who is retiring. Smith served in the English Department at SAU for 17 years and then at Union College as president before returning to SAU as senior pastor for Southern's campus church. MORE

A request for prayer has come from Faith for Today/LifeStyle Magazine's Speaker/Director Mike Tucker. The Tuckers learned recently that Gayle, his wife and ministry partner, has pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. She has had several strokes in relation to her cancer.  MORE 

It Is Written is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. MORE
The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) was organized 110 years ago on Feb. 19, 1906. MORE 
Oakwood University is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. 
Southern Adventist University is marking its centennial year in its Collegedale, Tenn., location. Next year it will celebrate its 125th anniversary. MORE

Adventists in the News



Monday, March 28, is early bird registration deadline for the 2016 ACS Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program (NLCP), Session 1, for pastors, church administrators, and nonprofit leaders, NLCP will be conducted Apr. 18-21, in Norcross, Ga. NLCP focuses on three major learning outcomes; a) leadership skills; b) improvement of management knowledge; and c) changes in attitude of social dimensions of evangelism. MORE


Faith Community Nursing (FCN) training to be at Southern Adventist University, June 10-14, is designed to provide the registered nurse with a basis to start a Faith Community Nurse program in her/his congregation. FCN is a specialty nursing practice combining professional nursing and health ministry. The philosophy of this curriculum embraces four major concepts: The Spiritual Dimension, Professionalism, Wholistic Health, and Community. Watch the videoRegisterEarly bird deadline: Mar. 31.



An Adventist Church Connect (ACC) Webinar will be conducted  Thurs., Mar. 31, at 8:00 p.m. EDT. Learn the basics of upgrading your Adventist Church Connect website to a new theme. ACC's new themes automatically adjust to fit screens of all sizes, and provide users with a lot of options for customization. Register



Faith For Today’s 2016 season of Lifestyle Magazine is now airing. Mike and Gayle Tucker and their team of experts interview guests Ed Asner, Quinton Aaron, John Salley, Deniece Williams, and more. Topics range from autism to human trafficking, surviving strokes to vegan lifestyle, Alzheimer's to bullying, and many others.

Lifestyle Magazine is broadcast weekly on networks such as Trinity Broadcasting Network, Sky Angel, the Hope Channel, and the National Religious Broadcast Network — to name a few. For local airings and times in your area, check your local listings or go to www.lifestyle.org.




NAD Children's Ministries is offering this short, 1:15 instructional video for creating a model of the empty tomb, to remind children that Jesus is now alive, His tomb is empty, and that we will see Him when He comes. Watch it on Facebook or on YouTube.


Revelation Today – The Mysteries Revealed is a comprehensive 19-DVD study series that focuses on the prophecies of the Bible. Based entirely on the Word of God, Revelation Today lets the Bible speak for itself! Presented by It Is Written Speaker/Director John Bradshaw.  MORE




"For 44 minutes we think we have all the time in the world — but five minutes later, it’s over! ...Think about it. All it will take in this country is a major crisis of crippling proportions — economic (a national financial collapse igniting urban violence and social meltdown), ecological (a killer quake or an errant asteroid with tens of thousands dead), political (a terrorist “dirty bomb” that destroys a city), military (a geopolitical misstep into World War III), etc. One debilitating crisis and this nation will be on her knees, led by religious leaders, pleading with God to withhold further judgments. Now factor in social research showing that when faced with a choice between personal security and constitutional liberties, people choose security first. One crippling crisis and suddenly the apocalyptic endgame of Revelation 13 and The Great Controversy, state-mandated false worship, is not only possible — it is probable! Martenson’s point — the last five minutes are critical. My point — you can get there from here. Rapidly."  
— Dwight Nelson in his Commentary for the Adventist Review.Read the entire article.

Reaching Out in Love

REACH the world with Hope and Compassion


WGTS 91.9 listeners stepped up to sponsor kids and impact the lives of children around the world with a Compassion fund drive. By the end of the morning drive on Friday, listeners had sponsored a station record of more than 860 children, primarily in Haiti and South America.

“When I think of my kids, I can’t imagine putting them to bed crying because their tummies hurt from hunger. When I think about what all our listeners did through Compassion the last couple days, I think about the parents who now have the assurance that their child won’t go to bed hungry tonight,” said General Manager Kevin Krueger.

For more than 60 years Compassion has been working to release children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty. They work in 26 countries to empower today’s children to be tomorrow’s responsible and fulfilled adults.

[Photo: Left to right: WGTS 91.9 Morning Show Host, Jerry Woods; General Manager Kevin Krueger; Midday Host Becky Alignay; ShareMedia’s Bill Scott; Morning show-co-host, Blanca Vega and ShareMedia’s Dave Kirby celebrate a successful Compassion drive.]

March 24, 2016

Special Days:
March Focus: Women in the Church
Mar. 26, ARM Safety Sabbath

April Focus: Stewardship
Apr. 2, Missionary Magazines (Signs, Message, El Centinela)  
Apr. 9, Stewardship Sabbath
Apr. 16, Literature Evangelism Sabbath
Apr. 23, Education Sabbath


April Offerings
Apr. 9, Christian Record Services
Apr. 30, NAD Evangelism

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources

Sample Offertory Readings (in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French)

Upcoming Events

Apr. 2-4, SONscreen Film Festival

Apr. 7/8, Prayer Call

Apr. 2-9, La Voz de la Esperanza NET via Esperanza TV (in Spanish)

Apr. 3-8, Tour de Youth, "The Big Easy"

Apr. 16/17, Day of Hope and Compassion

April 17, Oakwood University, Inc. Board Meeting, Huntsville, Ala.

Apr. 18-21, Nonprofit Leadership Convention, Session 1

April 22-24, Children's Leadership Conference, "All God's Children Got Shoes"

Apr. 24-27, HR Conference & Secretariat Council, Minneapolis, Minn.

Apr. 27-30, Your Best Pathway to Health/Los Angeles  

Apr. 28-May 1, Church Planters Boot Camp

Apr. 29-May 1, Oregon Men's Summit

May 13-16, World Congress for Deaf & Deaf-Blind

May 23-24, NARLA Religious Liberty Summit

July 21-23, Adventist Conference on Family Research and Practice

Aug. 3-6, ASI 2016 Convention

Sept. 7-10, Adventist Community Services Convention

Sept. 28-Oct., Health Summit Canada

Oct. 10-13, Nonprofit Leadership Convention, Session 2

Oct. 13-15, Society of Adventist Communicators Convention

Nov. 18-19, HE SAID GO Missions Conference


Jan. 8-11, 2017, Adventist Ministries Convention, Tucson, Ariz.



NAD Feature: Your Best Pathway to Health Goes to LA-LA Land, by Andrew McChesney, p. 36

NAD News: New NAD Health Ministries Director; Faith for Today Celebrates 66 Years, p. 11

NAD Update: Emotional Wellness Summit Convenes, p. 14

NAD Perspective: What Adventists Can Do After an Extremist Attack, by Gabriela Profeta Phillips, p.17




Months of March/April 2016Pray for the Columbia Union, in which there are 711 churches and 144,207 members; and for the Lake Union, with 499 churches and 86,609 members. 
Mar. 27-April 2 – This week please pray for the Indiana Conference, with 68 churches and 8,258 members.


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