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Kingdom of Adventistan

Czechowski A Baptist/Adventist Missionary

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Czechowski fills an  interesting role in adventist. history.  He was a Roman Catholic priest who became a SDA.  He had a burden for mission work and wanted the SDA  denomination to sponsor him as a  missionary.  But, the "bretheren" did not believe he was ready for such  work so they refused to sponsor him.  He refused to accept that answer.

He then dropped out of slight of the Adventists and he arranged for a Sunday-keeping, Baptist group to sponsor him as a missionary.

In his work he established Sabbath-keeping congregations who were taught SDA belief--but they did not know that.  As a matter of fact, the members of his congregations believed that they were the only people in the world who held such beliefs.

Well, the Baptist group discovered that he was teaching SDA doctrine and terminated their relationship with him.

Upon his death, members of his group discovered SDA publications in his belongings.  They were amazed to learn that there was a larger group that taught those beliefs.  So, they contacted the General Conference and requested more information about the SDAs.

What is the lesion in all of this?




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