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How dare they?

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Austria has said it is going to use its army to close its borders to immigrants.  How dare they?  Don't they know open borders are the only non-racist response possible?  What racists and haters.  I guess they are joining Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania in saying no more open borders.  We will have rules as to who enters our country.  Why they are as racist as conservatives in this country who say open borders are a menace to the nation. 

But then I guess the majority of Europeans themselves are a big bunch of racist haters.  Those people are just incredibibly hateful.  You socialists here better rise up en masse and begin calling them out on such despicable behavior and beliefs.  Write your senators and congressmen and tell them how European's and European nations are against immigration without rules and borders.  Condemn all Europe.  Say you want us to withdraw from all treaties with them, stop doing all business with them, and bomb them into oblivion. 

Show your solidarity with the immigrants.  Hate Europeans.






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