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Division in american turning americans against each other

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Division in american turning americans against each other


At Election night I was watching the news resigned to the fact that Hilliary Clinton would win. But as the night progressed it became clear that Trump would win the electorial college but lose the popular vote thereby winning the election.  The liberals in America was in shock.

This divided America. People rioted in Portland and smashed windows. Antifa protesters attacked pro trump supporters and threw rocks and used bats to break windows and vandalize police cars.

Even my fellow worker at work openly called those who voted for Trump as Facists on his facebook page. I was angry and retorted that the rioters in Portland smashing windows and attacking police were doing exactly what Hilters brown shirts had done in 1936. “Who are the facists now” I asked. This person blocked me from his facebook page. I was starting to get approval and likes for my post and he blocked me to silence me.

The press reports that marriages have been broken and couples have broken up over disagreements on the election of Trump.

Our church is not immune. Recently I was blocked from another church higher ups when I openly disagreed with him on his facebook page when he advocated the removal confederate monuments. My point is if we start doing this then what is next. George Washington and Jefferson or Stone Mountain or even the Gettysberg confederate monuments.  Then do we ban the song Dixie for being a confederate song. This person banned me from his facebook when he had enough of my insistent disagreement and over powering logic. Like it or not this is our history. We start smashing our monuments we are no better than Issis who is blowing up old historical buildings to obliterate their past. Rather than refute my quotes and my quoting news sources that was using logic to refute his stand  he just blocked me. Already Lincoln monuments in Chicago and Washington DC have been vandalized as Vandals seem to not realize who were the good guys in the civil war but painted all with the paint brush for destruction.

A survey once pointed out that 45 percent of Adventists are democrat  40 percent republican and 15 percent independent.  The divide is just about down the middle even in our own Church.

Recently CNN posted over 900 hate groups and where they work. One groups is a christain pro life group who is now on CNN Hate group because they are against abortion.  Last time CNN did this this group and a person come in and shoot some of their employees because CNN had labeled them a hate group.

Hate  begats Hate. Violence Begats Violence.  When we stop listening to each other and stop debating each other and resort to labeling the other side. BIGOTS and FACISTS and Nazis and Liberal Idiots the other side will resort to stronger and stronger words and actions until violence and bloodshed seems to be the only answer to the far left and far right.

I fear our country is headed into a civil war. Already Gun sales are sky rocketing as americans arm themselves preparing for the violence that is sure to come.

If we cannot even be civil on politics even in our own church how can we be civil among our fellow americans.

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1 hour ago, CyberGuy said:

My point is if we start doing this then what is next. George Washington and Jefferson or Stone Mountain or even the Gettysberg confederate monuments.

Historical revisionism has already begun moving on from the Confederate historical statues.


This type of behavior often comes with certain political styles of government and include things like sending people to "camps" for "re-education". The contemporary name for this form of indoctrination is "sensitivity training."


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