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Do Black Lives Really Matter?

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The following link tells the story of a young black girl who is intellectually gifted, and how she was daily bullied, physically assaulted, etc... simply because she was smart and participated in class and did her homework.  Those who bullied her?  Other blacks.  They said she was "too white".  The story comes from a lawsuit filed by her parents against the school district where she attended school. 


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Great article! Sadly this has been going on well back to my days in public school! And I've also heard this going on in our schools as well! From my experience, when I was in school, not only did this happen to black kids, but also to white kids from there own peers!! Probably not as chronic as it is today. Very sad what we do to each other. From my perspective, this problem starts at home!! Not always but most of the time.

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This story is an illustration of the failure of socialism.  It is an apt illustration of the teaching of victimology to an entire race of people.  Look around our nation and you will see this failure expressed in the big cities controlled by the political left.  Chicago:  a crime-ridden, violence infested, ghetto-ridden city controlled by the Democrats for decades.  The schools are a total failure for they have not taught their students the basics.  They have taught the black population that they cannot succeed, that they must ever be dependent on government instead of their own intelligence, ambition, self-sacrifice, and self-discipline.  The educational system has taught them exactly the wrong values.  And those values are now expressed in the culture the government has worked hard to create.  Blacks who accept victimology will destroy those of their own race who will venture outside being victims.  This goes for adults as well as for kids for this has been going on for a couple of generations.  It is the prime teaching of the welfare state.

This same thing is true in all the big cities: Baltimore, Washington D.C., Los Angelos, Seattle, New Orleans, Atlanta, etc....  They have all been under exclusive Democrat control for decades.  If the Democrat ideas were good ideas we would see good results.  Instead we see wastelands of hopelessness.  Why?  We have black Congressman,  black people in every phase of business including CEOs of large corporations, black cabinet members of every presidential administration going back decades, blacks in state, county, and city governments, black attorneys, black judges, black scientists,  black Supreme Court judges, a black President, etc... and still the socialist educational systems teaches blacks that they cannot rise out of their poverty and are completely powerless to succeed on their own merits. 

What is affirmative action other than a racist idea that the black community just can't succeed on it's own?  They just don't have what it takes to keep up with the white boys and girls.  They must have standards lowerd so they can reach them.  It's purely satanic in its cruelty and execution.  It is nothing other than arrogance and condescension.  Oh, you poor dumb black boy.  I know you can't make it on your own.  Here, let me change the standards that are, I know, impossible you to reach because of your race. 

Just how would you feel if someone talked to you that way?  I know you don't have what it takes, but me, I'm so much better/more_talented than you that I can change things.  I can make sure you won't really succeed later in life by lowering the intellectual standards in your schooling that all the white people have to meet.  I'll make sure you don't have the necessary skills to survive in a competitive world by actually teaching you less than I teach my white students.   Here, let me put you in an academic system in which you have not had the background education to really succeed in, and then when you drop out I'll wring my hands over you and declare I should have lowered the standards even more.  

It's pure poppycock.  It is degrading.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy that destroys self reliance and self respect.  It is an absolutely destructive evil lie.  Yet the media pounds it into the heads of the black community every day.  It is racism at its worst.  Telling an entire race that they cannot succeed on their own.  What baloney.  I've never yet met a black man or woman without the intelligence to make it on their own.  I've never met any minority incapable of succeeding on their own. 

So, do black lives really matter?  Not to the socialist, the teacher of victimology. 

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Right. So everyone starts from the positions they're born into... no matter how wealthy or poor? And then everyone competes on a 'level playing field'... Where the schools in their community have been allowed to run down and haven't been properly resourced. And a huge range of other issues differentiate those already privileged and make it so much easier for them to succeed.

And then those who do not succeed are blamed as though they are lazy, when the field was tilted so hard against them it was close to vertical.

Affirmative action is a means of leveling the playing field. It does not say certain people are stupid, bad or lazy, it recognises that they have a much more difficult road to success in the dramatically unequal economic system within which we live.

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