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Lesson 1 - The Apostle Paul in Rome

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Overall Question: What do we know about the Apostle Paul and his relationship to the city of Rome and the believers there?

Memory Text: Romans 1:8 New International Version First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world.


Sunday – The Apostle Paul’s Letter

Romans 16:1-2 New English Translation Now I commend to you our sister Phoebe, who is a servant of the church in Cenchrea, 2 so that you may welcome her in the Lord in a way worthy of the saints and provide her with whatever help she may need from you, for she has been a great help to many, including me.

Acts 18:23 New Century Version He stayed there for a while and then left and went through the regions of Galatia and Phrygia. He traveled from town to town in these regions, giving strength to all the followers.

Acts 18:23 SDA BIBLE COMMENTARY Paul was not only an evangelist who raised up new churches; he was also a pastor in the sense that he maintained an active concern for the continuing welfare of his churches. For some of these churches, raised up on the First Missionary Journey, this was Paul’s fourth visit.


Monday – Paul’s Desire to Visit Rome

Romans 15:20-27 New Living Translation 20 My ambition has always been to preach the Good News where the name of Christ has never been heard, rather than where a church has already been started by someone else. 21 I have been following the plan spoken of in the Scriptures, where it says, “Those who have never been told about him will see, and those who have never heard of him will understand.” 22 In fact, my visit to you has been delayed so long because I have been preaching in these places. 23 But now I have finished my work in these regions, and after all these long years of waiting, I am eager to visit you. 24 I am planning to go to Spain, and when I do, I will stop off in Rome. And after I have enjoyed your fellowship for a little while, you can provide for my journey. 25 But before I come, I must go to Jerusalem to take a gift to the believers there. 26 For you see, the believers in Macedonia and Achaia have eagerly taken up an offering for the poor among the believers in Jerusalem. 27 They were glad to do this because they feel they owe a real debt to them. Since the Gentiles received the spiritual blessings of the Good News from the believers in Jerusalem, they feel the least they can do in return is to help them financially.

Romans 15:24 SDA BIBLE COMMENTARY There is no conclusive evidence, Biblical or historical, that Paul ever succeeded in reaching Spain…Paul hoped that the Roman Christians would do all in their power to prosper his journey into Spain. Perhaps he felt that he might receive from them the same kindness and respect as from other churches that had sent companions to escort him on his journey. This ancient demonstration of hospitality is common in the Orient today.

Romans 15:26 Note from the New Living Translation – “Macedonia and Achaia were the northern and southern regions of Greece.


Tuesday – Paul in Rome

Acts 28:16 Modern English Version When we arrived at Rome, the centurion handed the prisoners over to the captain of the guard. But Paul was allowed to remain by himself with the soldier who guarded him.

Acts 28:17-31 New Life Version 17 Three days later Paul asked the leaders of the Jews to come to him. When they had gathered together, he said, “Brothers, I have done nothing against our people or the way our early fathers lived. And yet, I was tied with chains in Jerusalem and handed over to the Romans. 18 I was put on trial, but they found no reason to put me to death. They would have let me go free. 19 But the Jews did not like this. So I had to ask to be sent to Caesar. It was not because I had anything against my people. 20 The reason I have asked you to come is to tell you this. It is because of the hope of the Jewish nation that I am tied in these chains.” 21 They said to Paul, “We have had no letters from Judea about you. No Jew who has come here has ever said anything bad about you. 22 We would like to hear from you what you believe. As for this new religion, all we know is that everyone is talking against it.” 23 They planned to meet him on a certain day. Many people came to the place where he stayed. He preached to them about the holy nation of God. He tried to get them to put their trust in Jesus Christ by preaching from the Law of Moses and from the writings of the early preachers. From morning until night he spoke to them. 24 Some of them believed his teaching. Others did not believe. 25 As they left, they did not agree with each other. Then Paul said, “The Holy Spirit spoke the truth to your early fathers through the early preacher Isaiah. 26 He said, ‘Go to these people and say, “You will hear and never understand, you will look and never see, 27 because these people have hearts that have become fat. They do not hear well with their ears. They have closed their eyes so their eyes do not see and their ears do not hear and their minds do not understand and they do not turn to Me and let Me heal them.”’ 28 “I want you to know that the Good News of God of knowing how to be saved from the punishment of sin has been sent to the people who are not Jews. And they will listen to it!” 29 *After he had said these things, the Jews went away and argued with each other. 30 Paul paid money to live in a house by himself for two years. He was happy for all who came to see him. 31 He kept on preaching about the holy nation of God. He taught about the Lord Jesus Christ without fear. No one stopped him.

Acts 28:30 COMMENTARY BY ADAM CLARKE As a state prisoner, he might have had an apartment in the common prison; but peculiar favour was showed him, and he was permitted to dwell alone, with the soldier that guarded him. Finding now an opportunity of preaching the Gospel, he hired a house for the purpose, and paid for it by the fruits of his own labour. Here he received all that came unto him, and preached the Gospel with glorious success; so that his bonds became the means of spreading the truth, and he became celebrated even in the palace of Nero…It is said that during his two years' residence here he became acquainted with Seneca, the philosopher, between whom and the apostle an epistolary correspondence took place. In an ancient MS. of Seneca's epistles in my own possession, these letters are extant, and are in number fourteen and have a prologue to them written by St. Jerome. That they are very ancient cannot be doubted; but learned men have long ago agreed that they are neither worthy of Paul nor of Seneca.


Wednesday – The “Saints” in Rome

Romans 1:7 New International Reader’s Version 7 I am sending this letter to all of you in Rome. You are loved by God and appointed to be his holy people. May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.

Romans 1:7 SDA BIBLE COMMENTARY Saints, literally, “holy ones.” The term is common in the NT to describe Christians. It does not necessarily denote persons who are already perfect in holiness, but rather those who by their profession and baptism may be assumed to be separate from the world and consecrated to God.

Ephesians 1:4 God’s Word Translation Before the creation of the world, he chose us through Christ to be holy and perfect in his presence.

Hebrews 2:9 Christian Standard Bible But we do see Jesus—made lower than the angels for a short time so that by God’s grace he might taste death for everyone—crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death.

2 Peter 3:9 Contemporary English Version The Lord isn’t slow about keeping his promises, as some people think he is. In fact, God is patient, because he wants everyone to turn from sin and no one to be lost.


Thursday – The Believers in Rome

Romans 1:8 Contemporary English Version First, I thank God in the name of Jesus Christ for all of you. I do this because people everywhere in the world are talking about your faith.

Romans 1:8 COMMENTARY BY ALBERT BARNES They were in the capital of the Roman empire; in a city remarkable for its wickedness; and in a city whose influence extended everywhere. It was natural, therefore, that their remarkable conversion to God should be celebrated everywhere. The religious or irreligious influence of a great city will be felt far and wide; and this is one reason why the apostles preached the gospel so much in such places.

Romans 15:14 Easy-to-Read Version My brothers and sisters, I know without a doubt that you are full of goodness and have all the knowledge you need. So you are certainly able to counsel each other.

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James on Fridays lesson where it  says Further Thought: its asking us to read a pg from a book called "The Mysteries of the Bible," by EGW! I looked for this book, but couldn't find it on the downloaded EGW Writings 2, that I have on my cellphone! Do you have any idea where I can find this book? Thanks in advance.

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