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Gregory Matthews

Pacific Union Conference Leaders Takea a Stand

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B/W Photodude
3 hours ago, rudywoofs (Pam) said:

just to be clear, I never inferred that Sandra Roberts *couldn't* do the job well... She's probably doing an admirable job — women *can* be excellent leaders.

Since she was voted in as president knowing that her election would create a furor in the higher church echelons, one must make the assumption that all other candidates were a poorer caliber compared to Roberts.  The delegates, therefore, *had* to elect a female president — because she was the only alternative to unsuitable male candidates.  It's either that, or the SECC was thumbing its nose at the GC.

Just to be clear, I would not argue that a woman cannot be a good leader. Maggie Thatcher did an excellent job in England. Merkel in Germany ... not so good! I have no doubt there isn't a woman good enough to be president of the US. But like I said, that is politics and not the church.

Only suitable candidate?! They had the entire world of Adventism to consider and she was the only possibility? I really don't think that she is doing that good of a job considering what is happening in some of the churches in California ... so "thumbing noses at the GC" seems a likely explanation!

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