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The founding members of this website are committed members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who believe that it is good for people to get together and freely and respectfully discuss issues upon which there may be some disagreement.  People are welcomed here to present views upon which SDA members may disagree and upon which members of other communities may disagree with our SDA members.

From this perspective, expressions of doctrine, theology and church practice, even when presented by a SDA member may not reflect official Seventh--day adventist. teaching.

In addition, some of what is presented here may not reflect a good understanding of what the Bible teaches.

Seventh-day Adventists have a focus on healthful living and in the clinical care of ill people.  Examples of this are shown by their hospitals around the world, and the clinical care that is provided to people.

People reading posts in this forum related to healthful living should be aware that what is posted here may not be the position of the SDA Church.  In addition material posted here:

*  May be incorrect.

* May not fit your individual situation.

* May go against established clinical care.

*  May not be supported by scientific data.

*  May be harmful to you individually if you were to follow it.

*  Should never be taken as either a diagnosis or treatment of a personal medical condition.  Such should only be received within a competent clinical consultation.

*  May be posted by a person who has not disclosed their relationship to what they have posted.

*  May simply be false.

*  May result in you injury or even death if followed.  Seek competent clinical advice for any health condition that you may have.


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