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Daniel 9: The partial fullment foreshadows the complete fulfillment.


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When studying Daniel 9,  it is apparent that Christ was anointed at the exact time prophesied

and He was crucified in the middle of the week prophesied,

and the  gospel went to the world at the end of the week as prophesied.

But while studying the Spirit of prophecy,

I learned that the prophecies relating to Christ's First Advent also relate to His Second Advent.

The starting point for the first fulfillment and the final fulfillment is the decree to rebuild Jerusalem.

Jerusalem literally means teaching of peace. 

The endtime decree teaching peace was issued 31 May 1998.

Over 70 times, it mentions peace to those who keep Sunday holy.

It is an interesting coincidence that this 1998 decree exalting Sunday was

(according to Jewish tradition) issued on the very day that was the  anniversary of God giving the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai

It is also fascinating that the math in Daniel 9 counts down to the very day that a Prominent world leader was inaugurated

And a few days after he failed to keep his country safe, he set apart a week to honor his national covenant

And on Thursday (the middle day in his Monday to Sunday week) he declared that Christ's Atonement was unnecessary

Thus he took away Christ's sacrifice and the oblation, which is the necessity to receive Christ as our personal Savior.

1290 days after he set up the abomination that will desolate those who believe his lie, 

The world's moral leader died on the very day prophesied.

1335 days after his abomination, it was revealed that he had lied to start a war

and on that exact day it was revealed that the world's new moral leader was not so moral.

This is posted on Original Thought. So you cannot quote anything in this discussion.

How well you know Bible prophecy and can you do the math and figure out who is who?

Those folks that try to place Daniel 9 is the past or the future won't have a clue when it comes to current events

that give the final complete fulfillment to Bible prophecy.


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The intent of the founder of this forum is that people of differing beliefs can come here and safely discuss those differences.  It is open to  people of all religious and denominational backgrounds.  In my subjective (not grounded is demonstrated fact) 1/3 of the people who come here are traditional Seventh-day Adventists.  The founders of this forum and some of those who operate it are traditional SDAs.  From this perspective, others see this forum to represent to some level SDA teachings.  In actual fact posts made here often do not represent SDA teachings.  But, that does not mean that there are no limits on what is posted here  in this forum.

HCH is a member of this forum who has pushed our limits for some time.  I have   two major issue with his posts:

1)  HCH typically approaches the Biblical text from the standpoint of eisegesis.  [NOTE:  See the quote below for a definition.]  We are comfortable, in this forum in  people posting ideas that differ with us, but result from differing understandings as to what the Bible teaches.  We are not comfortable with one who comes, as does HCH, and seemingly reads into the Biblical text his own ideas.

2)  We in this forum expect that posts will be positive in nature and will refrain from attacking individuals and groups.  We believe that Biblical issues can be discussed in a positive manner and in addition, when individuals and groups are attacked, this forum stops being a safe place where they can come here and participate.   On that basis, HCH has had posts removed due to his posting about individuals and/or groups that went well beyond what we allow.  In the opening post of this thread, HCH  has attempted to continue to do that without specifically naming either the individual or the group.  But, he has given enough information that one can easily identify who he is talking about.

As a result, I have locked this thread.  Further, if HCH continues to attempt to violate the boundaries that exist in this forum, additional steps will be taken against   his posting here.  I suggest that if he wishes to continue to post here that he give thought to reach out beyond his obvious agenda to post on subjects unrelated to the issues that have been problematic.   I note that he has informed some people that he  is close to leaving this forum.  At the present, it would be his choice to do so.   At this time, he has not been banned from posting here.  But, he may want to give thought to whether or not he wants to continue here.  If he choses to leave, we will be sorry that he  made that choice.  But, we will understand.  In any case, this is not a time to threaten to leave.  It is a time to consider and make a decision.



Eisegesis is the process of interpreting a text or portion of text in such a way that the process introduces one's own presuppositions, agendas, or biases into and onto the text. This is commonly referred to as reading into the text. The act is often used to "prove" a pre-held point of concern to the reader and to provide him or her with confirmation bias in accordance with his or her pre-held agenda. Eisegesis is best understood when contrasted with exegesis. While exegesis is the process of drawing out the meaning from a text in accordance with the context and discoverable meaning of its author, eisegesis occurs when a reader imposes his or her interpretation into and onto the text. As a result, exegesis tends to be objective when employed effectively while eisegesis is regarded as highly subjective.

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