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Gregory Matthews

NCC Thought for Today.

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Gregory Matthews
Charles Lindbergh is known for his solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic in 1927. But not too many people know about the 1938 flight of Douglas Corrigan, one of Lindbergh's mechanics. Corrigan took an old airplane that had been scrapped, rebuilt it, and modified it for long-distance flight. He flew it from California to New York and then filed a flight plan for a transatlantic trip. Aviation authorities didn't think he would make it in his patched-together plane, and so they denied the request - which meant he would have to fly back west. However, after takeoff, his plane turned and disappeared into the clouds. When he landed in Dublin, Ireland, 28 hours later, he said: "Just got in from New York. Where am I?" "Wrong Way" Corrigan became a national celebrity!
It's important to travel in the correct direction. In numerous places, the Bible talks about being on the right path. Today's Scripture is one of those references: "He leads me along right paths, bringing honor to His name." This verse, of course, is part of the well-known Shepherd's Psalm, Psalm 23. The point is a good one - when we've given the Lord authority over our lives, He will make sure we head in the right direction on our journey to God's great eternity that is being prepared for us. I'd rather be known for going the right way rather than the wrong way. How about you?  Jim Pederson,  NCC President, "The Word on the Street,"  May 10, 2018



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