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OK, so we have started private, yet public forums for this who have a voice outside of the normal limes of Adventism. All I ask is for the conversation to be civil. If you do not play well with others, then don't play with others.  having this here does not mean I support all thoughts and concepts, but I do support people having a voice. When then there is no voice allowed, organizations tend to become a cult

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If you find some value to this community, please help out with a few dollars per month.

Gregory Matthews

Folks, this section exists to allow more freedom of discussion than is allowed in other sections of this forum.

In general, we expect that people can come here, fellowship and engage in civil discussion.

From that perspective, we can not  have unrestricted posting even in this section.

Unfortunately I have needed to remove a post that was made in this section.

We do not intend to allow spam, even in this section.



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