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Gregory Matthews

A General Comment

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Gregory Matthews

Seventh-day Adventism, through out its history continuing to the  present, has existed with members who have held to a wide range of belief and practice.  I fully support this.

We, in this forum want to encourage the civil discussion of issues related to the SDA denomination.  We do not restrict membership to SDA members.  We have many members who are not Seventh-day Adventist.

There are many who visit this forum who are simply seeking to know more about us as a denomination and as members.  We, as leaders in this forum have an obligation as to how we present ourselves in this forum, to the world at large, who may come here.

In this, we have been troubled as to how to related to some who come here.  We have generally dwelt with such issues on an  individual basis.

As an experiment, we have decided to see what would happen if  we would open up a section of the forum where people would have a greater freedom to post well outside of typical SDA norms.  As part of that, I may move some threads to this section.  Individuals may also discuss with Stan about establishing their own space in this forum.

This does not mean that moderation will not take place.  Even here, there will be limits.   Some have posted porn in this forum.  Such will immediately be removed.  It is not the intent that this forum should be used to solicit funding,  even for good causes.  The administrative staff may, on occasion, do such.  But, this is not what we want from our members.

In simple terms, our intent is to allow a greater freedom of expression in this section than has been given   in the past in other sections of the forum.

So, to all reading here:

*  Be aware that you may read in this section expressions of belief and practice that depart from general standards of SDA teaching.

*  However, in those discussions, you also may read expressions of belief and practice that are in accord with general standards of SDA teaching.


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Guest of Adam

Does this mean people can post their thoughts and opinions without being "corrected" in a following post? Does it mean people will get to read without being told to read with caution, or to "take note"? Does it mean no more condescending posts from pious "leaders"?

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