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What are the 10 Commandments/Demandments?


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As I see it, God has given us 4 different things which we have, which affect our existence!

1. Laws-Which were provided from the beginning, whenever that was. These change not!

2. Rules-Which were designed to provide some kind of order in the midst of chaos. These were designed to change based on need.

3. Admonitions-Which were designed to guide us in our daily lives on this earth.

4. Invitations-Which were just that, which provided in case we had needs that were apparent to us.

Question: Where/Which among the above do the 10 Commandments fit into?

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I agree, and I'm quite sure the Ten Commandment fit primarily into category #1. The only exception might be the extent to which they have been adapted for humanity, and that is irrelevant to us.

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