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Jeff Wood, wrote "Side by Side"

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Sadly read this the other evening:

My heart is broken. I've lost a treasured friend, Jeff Wood. He joined Heritage Singers in the early 70s. He was an amazing producer, arranger and song writer. ...
Jeff made a huge impact on people all over the world with the song he wrote, "Side By Side".
Please keep his family in prayer.
I'll meet you in heaven, my friend.
~ Max Mace


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From Mike Tucker of Faith for Today:

The following is an enhancement of the statement I posted earlier about the passing of Jeff Wood.

Jeff Wood, the producer, and co-creator of Lifestyle Magazine, The Evidence, and Mad About Marriage has passed away. Some of you will recognize Jeff as the person who wrote the iconic Adventist song, "Side by Side" which has been sung for Vespers and after-glow settings at academies and colleges for decades.

Jeff also produced the video series on "The Sabbath," with Hal Holbrook, and "Hell and Mr. Fudge."

Jeff has made a significant impact on Adventism, especially Adventist Media. However, many don't know of Jeff since he much preferred to work behind the scenes.

Faith for Today & all the shows we produce has benefitted mightily from Jeff's talents. His contributions will be greatly missed.

If I know anything about television and production, it is because of Jeff Wood and Stew Harty, and Stew will tell you that he learned a lot of what he knows from Jeff. But more than that, Jeff was my friend. I truly loved this kind and gentle man. I miss my friend.

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