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Heavenly immigration


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Watching the enormous caravan I got to thinking about a caravan to Heaven - you know the one - climbing a path that gets narrower and higher.

We want immigrants to enter legally, and plan to assimilate, and learn the language and keep our laws, and pay taxes. 

We want to immigrate to the Father's Kingdom.  We must enter legally - through submission to Christ, by baptism and confession of faith.  We must plan to assimilate (not maintain the ways of this world).  We must love the brethren.  We must learn the language - prayer and thanksgiving.  We must keep the Father's laws.  We should pay tithe.

I think Christ said the one who does not "enter by the door" into the sheepfold,  but "climbs up another way" is a thief and a robber.

Could probably find other parallels. 

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I like that. We must not take stuff with us except our character. We will need mercy like those in the caravan when they arrive at the gate. We will be joyful and anticipating, not fearful and desparate. There are similarities and differences.

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On 11/2/2018 at 10:05 PM, Ellen said:

There are similarities and differences.

Indeed. The analogy is great for getting us thinking about what it means to immigrate to heaven. I trust it wasn't intended to make any kind of political statement. That situation is just too fraught.

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