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The Sin of the Calf

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Shlomo Adler bought a farm in upstate New York so he could live the simple life with his wife and kids away from the big city. As a farmer, he had cows now and one of them was giving birth. He noticed his four-year-old son Moishie standing at the fence, wide-eyed and soaking in the whole event.

Shlomo thought to himself, "Great, now I'm going have to explain the 'birds and bees'. I moved to the farm so life would be simpler…”

“I know that must have been a lot to watch, Moishie,” his father said. “I can explain the whole thing to you or you can just ask me questions if you have any.”

"I just have one question," gasped the still wide-eyed Moishie. "How fast was that calf going when he hit the cow?"

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