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Religious Liberty In the U.S.

Gregory Matthews

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We, in the United States, may take pride in out religious freedoms.  Sometimes we forget that those freedoms also include freedom not to be religious.  When we hear of people in other nations being charged in criminal courts with blasphemy, we may not realize the similar crimes have been charge here in the U.S.  The following list a number of such.  Do you have any idea as to how ancient;/recent those cases are?  If so list the dates with the case.




1)      1) Abner Kneeland  published an article against Jesus Christ.  Massachusetts charged him with blasphemy.  The case dragged on for six (6) years, bankrupted him and caused him to serve 60 days in jail.

2)        2) A  New Jersey man was tried for blasphemy,  He was acquitted after it was determined that his accuser was attempting to  go after him due to a financial transaction that failed.

3)      3) In New Jersey, Charles Reynolds was accused of denying the divinity of Christ.   He was found guilty and fined $35.00.

4)       4) n Kentucky a C. C. More published and article making fun at the immaculate conception of Mary.  He was charged with a crime and the charges were dismissed by the judge. 

5)      5) Michael Mockus gave a lecture in which attacked some Christian beliefs.   He was arrested, tried, and found guilty.  The Maine Supreme Court upheld the sentence.  He fled to Mexico.

6)      6) In a meeting, Anthony Bimba stated that God did not exist.  Massachusetts arrested him.ֶ  At the trial, he was found Not Guilty.

7)  The  Italian film The Miracle was banned in New York as sacrilegious.  Lower courts upheld the ban.  The U.S. Supreme Court reversed it.

 8)  Florida officials attempted to ban the showing of  The Last Temptation of Christ.  The Courts declared it unconstitutional.

9)  Pennsylvania officials denied a request of a George Kalman to incorporate a company named I Chose Hell Productions on the grounds of blasphemy.  A Federal Court  reversed that decision.







a)  1882                       e) 1917 & 1921           i) 2007

b) 1887                        f) 1989                         j) 2010

c)  1838                       g) 1952                        k) 2015

d)   1887                      h) 1926

NOTE:  The above information came from: Rob Boston, "Banishing Blasphemy," Church & State, February 2019, pages 10 -13

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8 hours ago, Gregory Matthews said:

we may not realize the similar crimes have been charge here in the U.S.  The following list a number of such. 

Sad to say these people would likely be hailed as progressives and heroes in much of society today.  Standing up for Christ and His Kingdom would get you arrested for a hate crime or sued in some places today ( like here in CO - ask the baker here in Denver).

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