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Leaves of healing


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On 2/9/2019 at 11:38 AM, Gail said:

That tree by the river of life in the new earth:

What exactly will its leaves be healing?

i understood that, the life in the word of God has the same source as the life in the leaves of the tree of life.  Just as Jesus is the vine planted in heaven and the vine grows to the earth and we are grafted into the heavenly vine and becoming living branches, so as we eat the living word, we partake of the leaves of the tree of life and are healed in this life, healed to believe and live for God's glory.

By faith I am healed from the power of sin to hold me in fear, and doubt, and selfishness.

Spiritual reality is a special kind of quantum physics.

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I envision the leaves of healing as a cure for what ails you.  For example, I often wonder about how I could possibly be happy in the Kingdom if those I love on earth aren't there (assuming I am even there).  Will the leaves heal me of the loneliness I feel - missing my family?  As I look on Him whom I have pierced with my sins and mourn what I have done to my Savior, will the leaves soothe that?  Or are the leaves a metaphor for the passing of time that will dull the memories of this old earth as we participate in the joy and wonders of the Kingdom?

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