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Here's your (not so) totally useless fact(s) of the day:

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Axe Body Spray once shut down an entire school because the 6th grade boys produced an excessive stench that landed 8 kids in the hospital. Many schools have banned the spray altogether due to the "Wall of Axe", which occurs when groups of boys who doused themselves after gym congregate in the hallways and suffocate everyone in the general vicinity. It's also been known to set off smoke alarms.


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The world's longest recorded fart lasted for 2 minutes and 42 seconds. James

The first palindrome ever recorded was spoken in the Garden of Eden - "Madam I'm Adam". 

Termite "gas" is responsible for about 12% of natural methane emissions in the world.  

You can't usually smell your own house (or perfume) because of a survival instinct called "olfactory adaptation." The brain is always looking for new, unusual, or changing smells as a sign of possible danger, so it ignores all the smells that have already become familiar.


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The book "Where the Wild Things Are" was originally named “Where the Wild Horses Are" until the author, Maurice Sendak, realized he couldn't draw horses. When the editor asked what he could draw, Sendak replied "things."


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