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Florida Hospital church at it again ...

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B/W Photodude

I believe that sometime ago I posted an article regarding the children's Christmas program at the Florida Hospital church. Seems they have outdone themselves. Their latest program involvement the story of Daniel and his companions. The program featured a band call "Danny and the Shacks." Seems the leader of this event was the children's pastor Vivian Cook.

In the Bible, Daniel refused to contaminate himself with the king’s meat. But at Florida Hospital Seventh-day Adventist Church there is no need to reject the king’s meat. It was announced by female children’s Pastor Vivian Cook at the end of the performance that “a lot of Chick-fil-A” (chicken) and “ice-cream” would be made available for both the kids and parents (video minute 53:52). This is just another mockery of the biblical account of the Prophet Daniel. (You can see this event in the video Facebook link)

Female Seventh-day Adventist Pastor Vivian Cook was the “director” for this entire project. She is a children’s pastor who works for Florida Hospital Seventh-day Adventist Church.


This article reminds me of one of the pictures you find in the comic sections of the newspapers. How many wrong things can you spot in this picture? If the founders of the church were still alive, how sad they would be. This is all done in the conference that denied Doug Batchelor speaking in one of their churches.

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If you find some value to this community, please help out with a few dollars per month.

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