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SDA Split in Kenya

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On 10/18/2019 at 5:13 PM, Gregory Matthews said:



This issue has been present for some time.  The General Conference has intervened, but been ineffective in resolving the underlying problems.


well, looks like there's at least one strike against both sides, right from the get-go here:



1/ One major source of the tension at the church was a dispute over a 2015 election in which heads of the Central Kenya Conference of the denomination were chosen. Some felt that the election process was manipulated and that appointments had been biased by ethnic divisions.

2/ In the wake of the election, the Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference was formed as a rival to the Central Kenya Conference. The General Conference is attempting to sue the NCC over the use of the Adventist trademark and logo. - (from the article)


Why on earth cant we just behave the way we keep telling everyone to as we all "obey" those commandments, which seem to have been forgotten about again, in yet another needless dispute. Where have we seen these two things before?

IF the "Conference" can afford to go all the way over there to sue their own church members; why on earth couldn't they afford to just hire some pastors in the first place. Certainly would have been a lot cheaper.

Adventist, Tin-Foil -Hat plots seem to know no bounds, as we read yet another accusation of "manipulated" processes and goings on.

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