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In October of 1979 Dr. Desmond Ford gave a presentation  at Pacific Union College That resulted in his authorship of a 991  page document of his understanding of certain doctrinal issues and his trial and dismissal as SDA clergy in what has been called  Glacier View, in August of 1980.

Spectrum, Vol 47, # 4 contains two articles of value in understanding those events.

*  A 10 page article by Dr. Kendra Valentine is of some interest in Understanding how Dr, Ford viewed what had happened to him.

*  A 20 page article by Dr, Gilbert Valentine provides an in-depth analysis of the inter-personal dynamics that were present during the Glacier view trial.

I consider the above articles to both be accurate and of interest in the following:

*  The views of Dr, Ford were taught by other scholars and academics of his time, who were not charged and put on trial.

*  The views of Dr, Ford on the issues on which he was put on trial are largely accepted by SDA academics and scholars today.

*  However this does not mean that everyone agreed with every position that Dr, Ford took.

In the interests of transparency my personal position on issues associated with Dr, Ford is:

*  I applaud Dr, Ford, the man who never made personal attacks against this denomination.

*  I agree with those who protected him and prevented him from being removed from SDA membership.

*  I disagree with certain doctrinal positions that Dr. Ford took over the years.

*  I agree with some of the positions that Dr, Ford took in 1979 and in 1980.

*  I consider Dr. Ford to have raised some issues worthy of consideration regardless of whether or not one  considers them to be correct.


In short:  If your are interested in the doctrinal history of this denomination you will find those articles to be of interest and of value.




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I'll find those articles and read them this weekend. Should be interesting reading. I never was horrified, by him or anyone else that had different ideas, because we've been told this would be the case!! What surprises me more than anything is, we're got no problem believing or accepting others that are definitely not messengers above EGW who was called by God!!

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