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Evangelism has been and will always be the core of the church and its people.  The commission states to go unto all the world.  Our communities, family and friends are the first step and I believe that you will agree on this point. Our ministry focuses on Satellite Evangelism and it's the only form of evangelism that can minister 24/7 365 days per year by bringing Christ's messages into the home for all the family to be ministered to. They can view networks like 3ABN, Hope Channel, Amazing Facts TV, Amazing Discoveries, QVTV, LLBN that proclaim God's Holy Word and the 3 Angels Message to the world. 
Satellite Evangelism has been adopted my many churches in North America effectively by sponsoring satellite systems or our Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) receiver that only requires internet to receive 30 Adventist global networks.  Satellite Evangelism is simple.  Here's what you do.  When a new member is baptized the family of God gives the new member an SDAdish system or receiver. Pastors report that members with the SDAdish stay members and grow deeper in the Word. They tend to invite family and friends over to watch and share their SDAdish programs with them. It's a marvelous way to help shut-ins stay connected with the message and keeps them encouraged.  Help your shut-ins feel remembered when the family of God sponsors an SDAdish for them.  The same goes with missing members.  SDAdish systems or receivers can be installed in their homes and before long they begin to attend church again. Churches will also sometimes install an SDAdish on a loan basis, after the Bible worker gets past critical doctrinal studies.  We get reports from all over the country from families reporting that with the SDAdish in the home, children's attitudes change for the better.  Husbands or wives are more loving and a general peaceful spirit takes over. Praise the Lord!

Our ministry focus for Satellite Evangelism is constantly being improved and one of the ways that we make it more affordable is by offering churches bulk pricing to help with the commission to GO....  The way that we have structured the pricing and shipping will save hundreds when 10 systems or 10 receivers are purchased.  To learn more about the 10 satellite systems by SDAdish CLICK ON THIS LINK  To learn about the 10 internet IPTV receivers with the 30 Adventist channels CLICK ON THIS LINK


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