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BREAKING: Solicitor General Asks Supreme Court to Hear Sabbath Accommodation Case

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The Solicitor General of the United States, Noel Francisco, has recommended that the United States Supreme Court agree to consider a Sabbath accommodation case involving a Seventh-day Adventist. 

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Yes, I do have concerns about this case.  the following quote informs as to the basis for my concern:

I have Bolded and underlined the point of my concern.



This dispute centers around Walgreens’ need for emergency training that required Patterson to perform his duties as a Training Instructor on Saturday. Several other employees could have filled in for Patterson, but Patterson did not contact them. Instead, after contacting only one co-worker who was unable to swap shifts, Patterson simply chose not to report to work. At that point, Walgreens offered Patterson the opportunity of a transfer to a different position within the company with a larger pool of employees that would make it easier for him to swap shifts. Patterson categorically refused, insisting that the only accommodation he would accept would be maintaining his current position together with an ironclad guarantee that he never work on Saturday, regardless of whether an emergency arose.

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