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Experimenting with Plant-based Eating

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Growing up as an Adventist we had a predominantly vegetarian diet, but would maybe have some chicken on Christmas or at my grandparents' place.

I'd moved away from that and was pretty omnivorous for a lot of years.

My two daughters and their partners are both vegetarian, and a fair way toward veganism, and have been for some years. For one of them it is mostly about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, for the other it is mostly about animal welfare and avoiding cruelty.

I'd been reducing the amount of meat I ate for a while, and decided this year to be vegetarian for January and vegan for February.

It's going well so far and I'm enjoying it: there are a lot more options than there used to be, but it's also about getting past simply substituting 'shmeat' for meat and just cooking entirely plant-based dishes.

I think I'll find veganism harder, because I do enjoy an omelette and milk in my coffee and a cheese platter.

So, after February, I'll probably go back to being vegetarian, but also minimise use of other animal products like milk and eggs, and choose things like free-range eggs to make that as ethical as possible.

I realise there can also be issues with various plant-based foods too, and would work to minimise those. I don't think perfection is possible in this imperfect world.

One of the trickiest things of course is that my beloved wife is less keen on vegetarianism, which will be fine: we can eat different things sometimes. 

Anyway, no big announcements, really, more an interest in discussion and in sharing experiences. 

One of the things that's been really interesting is that our daughters led us by example, but never judged, preached or scolded. Just stayed in relationship with us and ate what they chose. If asked they'd tell us why, but there was no active evangelism. 

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Well when we were growing up, my father was a butcher that worked in a factory in the Bronx, NY. It was a Jewish meat factory, so we'd get the best meat, with practically no fat what so ever! When I got to be in my 30s we decided, wife and I, that we'd get to a more plant based diet. I stop eating burgers, pretty much gave up beef, eat an occasional hot dog! But do eat chicken, turkey once in a while still. What I did cut out is eating between meals, drinking soda, especially my favorite coke! I also have stopped drinking Juices, but will have a little OJ once in a while. I will have an egg with turkey bacon every now and than. I haven't drank milk in years. I drink mostly almond milk. I started drinking coconut milk, which actually tastes pretty good.

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I was  not an  S.D.A. growing  up in the  ILLINOIS  so  I  eat  a  lot of  meat ( both  clean  and unclean ) my dad  had 

this  philosophy that  what  ever you  mom cook  you  eating it ===as I went to  collage  I meet my 1st  few

vegetarians===I left  college  and  went to  visit my college friend   who  lived in  ARIZONA ===there  were 

a lot  more  vegetarians  out there  and the  group that was  out  there  did  not  neat   beef or  pork( the

so called  RED  MEATS====while  I  was  living  out  in ARIZONA  I  became and  S.D.A.  and  most were vegetarians

now  years  latter  I do  not  eating  any flesh foods (in fact I tell  people  if it  has a  mom==dad===face==or heart

I do  not  eat it)===I  also drink  almond or coconut  milk I try to  stay away  from eggs  and  have  cut  way back  on  

eating  cheese ===  I  believe  the  plant base  or  vegetarian diet  is the  best  for  our  minds  and bodies===

with  that  said   BAVUS  I  will be praying  for  you  with  you  new life  style  and   do  like  you  daughters   just  live 

you vegetarian life and when  ask let  people  know that  you  have a  different  life style now=====  I tell  people  that 

I am a  vegetarian for  2  reasons=====1. the bible  (unclean meat0=== 2.health  (for  clean meat)  I  also believe that

even the  so  called clean meat  is  not  healthy  any  more.


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My kids were raised vegetarian but now all eat some meat, as do I. I am amazed, though, at how healthily they do cook.

For me the current motivation toward fleshless eating came with caring for our dogs and learning how intelligent and emotional animals are. I have a deeper respect for them now.

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So I got through vegetarian January and vegan February, and ended up deciding that for me, for now, veganism is a step too far, but I'll continue vegetarian, with a preference for vegan where I can get it and it's easy. So I'm using oat milk instead of cow's milk in my coffee, and things like that, but will still have some eggs or cheese with breakfast and so on.

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Fabulous that you've given it a go! 

My husband and I have gone completely whole-food, plant-based vegan (eliminating also salt, oil, sugar, and alcohol) since January 1st.

Our team (the two of us combined) weight loss after January was 30 pounds off.  

My husband's blood sugars dropped from a daily morning reading of 200+ to a stable morning reading of 85-90. His doctor eliminated one of his medications for now, and hopes to eliminate the other drugs in the near future.

We continue with the eating plan. My goal for February was to be in bed, asleep, by 10:30 p.m. My husband's goal was to do intermittent fasting between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. We both did all right, with a few slip-ups here and there.

Our team weight loss after February was 52 pounds. 

Our goal for March is to get more exercise. We intend to keep up with our walking goals of 7,500 steps a day, but to also do some weight training, swimming, and cardio machines (treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines).



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WELL   it  sounds  like  you  are   doing  a  good  job  at being  a  vegetarian  ====I  will  continue to  pray for  you


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