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B/W Photodude

A black bear wandered into my yard a couple of weeks ago. Saw me and turned around and ran. Unfortunately, there is a big dropoff behind my house and he seems to have gone over a wall about 8 feet high. 

Last Sabbath, a bear got into my garbage can, took out a bag of garbage, took it next door and left it strewn about the yard. Had a bit of a cleanup before church.

A friend of mine looked out his window one morning and saw a bear walking down the street carrying his garbage can!

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Sounds like a case for the bearwise program. The only really dangerous bear is a fed one, according to signs in various wilderness areas here. They become very dangerous to people and to themselves when they become habituated to people and/or traffic. Its not something that should be encouraged, and where people should hustle out to "get the picture/shot." Here, we would call Fish & Wild Life Services to resolve the situation like that. For your area, I would suggest the following:

BearWise® is the black bear program you can trust for sound information and smart solutions that help people, neighbourhoods and communities prevent problems with bears.

Six At-Home BearWise Basics

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