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August 2020 Signs of the Times Newsletter!

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August 2020 Signs of the Times Email Newsletter

The Signs of the Times newsletter is a collection of stories and quotes from past issues of Signs and These Times.

     A New England farmer had an only son who in his college days fell into gambling habits. In order to get the means to pay for gambling debts, he committed forgery. He was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison; but managed to escape while on the way there, and fled into the far West.
     The father paid off the forged note. He then obtained the governor's pardon for his son. Giving a large sum of money to the former deputy from whom his son had escaped, the father sent him to find his son. The man did find him at last in a gambling resort in San Francisco. The young man recognized the former officer at once, and, thinking that he had been hunted down at last to be taken back to prison, struck down the messenger and tried to flee. But in falling, the messenger managed to grip him and hold on till he could cry out:
     "Stop, John! I have not come to arrest you, but to put into your hands the governor's pardon, and to take you home to your father, who sent me to find you."
     The young man stopped, read the pardon, and tearing it to pieces and flinging the fragments to the floor, said bitterly:
     "I do not care for his pardon. It does indeed remit the penalties of the law, but it cannot restore my ruined character. I will not go home to face my father's just anger, and live as an outcast in the community where I was born."
     "But, John," said the messenger, "that is not all. I have a letter from your father which he bade me put into your own hands. Here it is."
     The young man looked long upon the letter, and as he finally opened it out fell the canceled note and a receipt for full payment. He then read the forgiving and appealing words:
     "My Dear Boy: The miserable debt is paid; the governor has pardoned you. Your old father has never ceased to love and long for you, and freely forgives you. Come home to me." For a few moments the son was speechless over his dear old father's love and forgiveness. Then his lips trembled and he wept over the past, repented of his wrongdoing and bitterness, and trusted in his father's tender love and restoration to all the blessings of home. Then he acted, and reaching out his hand to the messenger of reconciliation he said with resolution:
     "I will go back with you. Take me to my father."
     Likewise, our heavenly Father, with His heart overflowing with "everlasting love" for the lost, says to every wandering one: "I have 'never ceased to love and long for you. . . . Come home to Me!'" And so, also, is it with many who are overwhelmed by the exceeding depth of His pitying love for them, and they let it melt away the dross of sin from their hearts, reaching up to Him with all their hearts, saying with deep and confiding trust words like these: "Heavenly Father, Thy love hath won my heart. I do return to Thee. I accept Thy loving pardon paid for by Jesus on Calvary's cross. And I plead for, and accept by faith in Him, the cleansing and keeping power that will make my soul a conquering power over all sin.”—By John W. Halliday, Our Times, September, 1948.

Quote: “Jesus is attractive. He is full of love, mercy, and compassion. He proposes to be our friend, to walk with us through all the rough pathways of life. He says to us, I am the Lord thy God; walk with me, and I will fill thy path with light. Jesus, the Majesty of Heaven, proposes to elevate to companionship with himself those who come to him with their burdens, their weaknesses, and their cares. He will count them as his children, and finally give them an inheritance of more value than the empires of kings, a crown of glory richer than has ever decked the brow of the most exalted earthly monarch.”—By Ellen White, Signs of the Times, March 17, 1887.

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     0ne day when Andrew Bonar was sitting in his study, a man and a woman entered to ask him if they might join the church. When they had told their errand to the minister, he said to them: "When anyone comes to see me, and wishes to join the church, I generally ask him a few questions. Now, first, tell me how it happened that you came to think of joining the church."
     The man looked at his wife, and she looked at him, and evidently both were very much affected. At last the woman spoke.
     "Ah," she said, "it was all through our little son. One night I was telling him about how Jesus was nailed to the cross. Looking up into my face, he asked, `Mother, was it your sins that nailed Him to the cross?' Ah, sir, I could not answer him, for there was a big lump in my throat. When he saw that I did not reply, he turned to his father, and said, `Father, was it your sins that nailed Jesus to the cross?' I stole a look at my husband, and I saw a tear glistening in his eye. He could not answer, either.
     “Then the little fellow clasped his hands, and said softly, '0h Lord Jesus, it must have been my sins that nailed You to the cross.' And this is why we are here, and wish to join the church.”—By Charles G. Bellah, Signs of the Times, November 4, 1941.

Quote: “Whoso draws nigh to God through doubtings dim, God will advance a mile in blazing light to him.”—Author Unknown, These Times, July 1965.

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     "If I were a farmer," said Jack to his mother," I wouldn't let any old thistles grow in my fields. I wouldn't have anything but the best grain and fruit."
     "But how about the field you do own?" asked his mother very seriously. "I thought I saw a thistle sprouting up in it the other day."
     "The field I do own?" asked Jack.
     "The other day I heard you use an unbecoming expression I never heard you use before. I said: 'Someone has sown a thistle in Jack's heart.'"
     Our lives are fields given to us by God. Our parents and teachers are trying to sow good seed, so that nothing but the grain and fruit may grow in them. Are we helping them?—Junior World, The Youth’s Instructor, January 21, 1908.

Quote: “Let us claim our privilege, having made our peace with God. The habit of cheerfulness is largely within our own power. We can turn our eyes in the right direction; we can remember the fountains of felicity which make the soul as a watered garden; we can brood over the thoughts and promises which soothe and inspire; we can cultivate the faculty of admiration and appreciation, tasting daily the sweetness of teeming gifts of God.”—By, W. L. Watkinson, Signs of the Times, October 29, 1929.

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     The greatest testimony of the inspiration of the Bible is its ability through the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives completely. Let me share with you Mr. Chen’s story. Mr. Chen, as an ardent Communist, was an atheist. As far as he was concerned, all Christians were nothing more than ignorant, mindless, uneducated peasants.
      One day in 1992 Mr. Chen returned home on leave from his military service and discovered that his wife had become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. From 1991 to1993 there was a Holy Spirit revival in northeastern China, and in one city, between 2,000 and 3,000 people were baptized each year. When Mr. Chen discovered that his wife was a Bible-believing Christian, he became furious. His anger boiled over. He yelled, threatened, and intimidated her.
     Then his wife developed a serious eye infection that required surgery. He sat by her bed in the hospital for hours each day. As she began to recover, she started reading the Bible with her one good eye and a patch over the other eye. Her doctor suggested she rest both eyes, but she felt she needed strength from the Word of God. In desperation her husband said, “It’s bad enough that I have a wife who is a Christian. I don’t want a wife who is blind as well. Give me that book, and I will read to you.”
     She requested that he read the book of Job. The more he read, the more interested he became. He was amazed at Job’s faith. He could not understand how someone going through such difficulties and facing such trials could trust God. When he came to the end of Job, he was further amazed when he read that God turned Job’s tragedy into triumph: “And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. . . . Now the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning” (Job 42:10-12).
      Mr. Chen continued to secretly read the Bible when his wife was out of the room for her treatments. Soon he could resist no longer, and there in that hospital room he surrendered to the claims of Christ. Today he is a Christian pastor, powerfully preaching the Word of God and cherishing the Bible he once despised. The life-changing truths of God’s Word made all the difference for Mr. Chen.
      The Bible speaks to people of all cultures, backgrounds, and languages. It presents hope in troubled times for all peoples. Heaven’s call is to spend time with God’s Word. Let the beauty of Scripture bathe your soul. Find that quiet spot and allow the Holy Spirit to move in your life. Sense anew the power of the Word of God. It changed Mr. Chen’s life, and it can change yours, too.—By Mark Finley, Hope for Troubled Times. (Order a supply of this sharing book from your Adventist Book Center.)

Quote: “Religion is not a candle, to be lighted and blown out at pleasure. It is not a garment, to be put on and off to suit the company we are in. It is not a flaming torch on the Sabbath and a dark lantern during the week. It is a shining light which gives light to all that are in a dark place.”—Unknown, The Watchman Magazine, July, 1943.

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     The minister had the habit in his opening prayer each week of thanking God for the weather. On a particularly dreary, cold, icy, windy morning, the few people who had ventured out wondered how the minister possibly could refer to the nasty weather outside with any note of gratitude.
     The minister, however, was equal to the occasion. “Dear God,” he prayed, “we thank Thee that Thou doest send us so few days like today.”—From Sunshine Magazine, These Times, November 1965.

Quote: “Send me anywhere, provided it be forward.”—By Missionary David Livingstone, The Youth’s Instructor, November 23, 1909.

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     Desiring to hear a devotional service, I turned the dial of my radio from station to station only to hear jazz music and advertisements. However, the words of a man—not a preacher by any means—caused me to listen a moment, somewhat astonished. In a hopeless tone of voice he said: "There isn't much use reading the newspapers any more. It's the same thing all the time—trouble all over the world." The words reminded me of a passage in the book of Isaiah where, through the prophet, God said: "They shall look unto the earth; and behold trouble and darkness, dimness of anguish; and they shall be driven to darkness." Isaiah 8:22. What a picture of today with "trouble all over the world"!
     The Lord did not leave His people to be distressed over the direful prophecies of the last days. He gave to them many promises of joy and peace.
     We are told that the Lord is the hope of His people, and their Saviour in time of trouble. Jeremiah 14:8.
     The psalmist wrote: "In the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion: in the secret of His tabernacle shall He hide me; He shall set me up upon a Rock." "He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him." Psalm 27:5 91:15.
     This Prince of Peace said to His people: "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you. . . . Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. . . . I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved Me, ye would rejoice." John 14:27, 28.
     Is your name written in the book of life? Does the Morning Star shine through this night of gloom and fill your heart with joy? True, the clouds of trouble are over all the world; but they have a silver lining, for the coming of Jesus will usher in the reign of the Prince of Peace.—By Lucretia L. Harmon, Signs of the Times, October 14, 1941.

Quote: “A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.”—By Henry Adams, These Times, November 1965.

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Life's Problem Solved!

To add to the joy of another,
To subtract a thorn from his path,
Will multiply blessings around you,
And divide your burdens by half.—Unknown, The Watchman Magazine, August, 1943.

Compiled by Dale Galusha. Please pass this newsletter on to others.
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