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Bible burning

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This is the beginning of persecution.  Now it's burning Bibles by demonically possessed rioters in Portland.  I would not be surprised if the next move is declaring the Bible to be racist white supremacist hate language to be banned.  After that, Christian churches will lose their tax exempt status.  Christians are already being arrested for singing in church white rioters and looters are ignored or released without bond.  When will we start being arrested for worshipping a white supremacist  God?  What would have happened if the Portland thugs burned Q'ran's?

God help us if the godless left wins in November.

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4 minutes ago, JoeMo said:

I would not be surprised if the next move is declaring the Bible to be racist white supremacist hate language to be banned.

That has already happened in places, for a variety of different reasons.

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While I agree with you that burning a Bible isn't really a good thing, for my money the Bible has been misused for a long time by this country.

I cannot believe the amount of people in our government who profess to be Christian, but are about the worst examples I've seen. Total uncaring for their fellow man, only interested in lining their pockets, allowing families to be separated, etc, things that break your heart- but there is not a darn thing you can do about it. Opus Dei, etc. I just shake my head. Jesus' name gets thrown around a whole lot, and I guess that is supposed to be some stamp of approval. No. It is just as much blasphemy as verbally taking His Name in vain.

Against all of these, burning a Bible is far less. I don't condone it, mind you, I love the Lord, and His Word,  but God would require we were acting our religion. I'm sure His heart is far more broken by seeing children being taken from their parents  that seeing someone burn a Bible or two.

For me, I hope we get a  more people oriented  majority elected.. Whether you attach God's name to a party, I don't know, but it sounds like you might, in my eyes, what we have now is an inhumane government. Christians do not act as we are acting.


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